MSIA offers several ministerial services that can support you in a variety of ways on your spiritual path — aura balances, polarity balances, and innerphasings. They are done by the Spirit and are conducted by MSIA ministers who have been specially trained to do this work.

MSIA also offers baptism, as well as spiritual counseling with MSIA’s Spiritual Director, John Morton, and his wife, Leigh Taylor Young Morton.

Aura Balance

Aura Balancing is a technique for clearing the aura (or energy field) that surrounds the physical body. The series of three aura balances includes clearing imbalances in the physical, emotional, and mental/spiritual auras. Each aura balance helps clear and strengthen the consciousness so that you can better handle everyday stress, tension, and emotional changes, and help bring your mind, body, and emotions into a greater creative flow.

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Polarity Balance

Polarity balancing is a technique designed to bring the energies of the body into greater flow and balance. Energy blocks in the body can be created by many different things — from sitting improperly, to thinking negatively. The effects of releasing these blocks can include more energy, lightness, greater attunement to the body, and a greater ability to function in the world.

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Innerphasings are designed to assist you in changing habit patterns that no longer work for you. Innerphasings program out old, undesirable habits (for example, smoking, nervousness, fears) and program in new, desirable responses (for example, greater self-confidence, trust, inner peace). Innerphasings can be an effective way to free yourself from habits that are no longer “really you” but that you can’t seem to change through conscious efforts.

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Baptism in MSIA

Baptism in MSIA is a ceremony of full immersion done primarily for the basic self. It is a cleansing, releasing, and purifying of the person’s levels of consciousness. It is a way of symbolically dying and being reborn again. Baptism is a very personal communion between you, your Soul, Spirit, and God. This service is available to adults studying MSIA Discourse #7 or higher. Baptisms are also done for children older than 8 if the child requests it and if the parent studying Discourses gives permission.

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John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young Counseling

John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young are available for spiritual counseling sessions by appointment. Requests for both of them to be in a session are considered. When they do a spiritual counseling, they attune with the person’s consciousness and observe what comes forward to assist and support them. The session is done under the the Spirit of God for guidance, direction, and information for the highest good of all concerned.

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