Peace Theological Seminary
& College of Philosophy

“The purpose of living at Prana
is going home 
with the Traveler; studying the teachings and,
even more important, living the teachings;
and to serve, 
more than at other places.“

– John-Roger, DSS


Prana Residence Program

If you would like to immerse yourself in a service oriented community of loving and joyful people to study and live the principles of Soul Transcendence, consider the PTS Residence Program. PTS offers a residence program in Los Angeles where MSIA students can deepen their relationship with the Traveler and Spirit. You can do this while you hold a job, or as a full time PTS student. Located in the historic West Adams district of Los Angeles, the PTS campus includes three beautiful properties with lovely gardens that serve as classroom space and housing for residents.



Living in residence

Monthly resident cost includes a room, meals, and tuition (including the MSS and DSS programs). Residents participate in various areas of service, sometimes working alongside the MSIA/PTS Staff, as well as household service and serving on residents’ committees. J-R has said that being of service is the highest form of consciousness on the planet, and loving service is the foundation for the program.


The PTS Residence Program is an ideal setting for students to do spiritual exercises and study the teachings in the “home of the Traveler.” Residents are required to complete the PTS Master of Spiritual Science Program and then become eligible to attend the Doctorate of Spiritual Science Program.  There are also opportunities to participate in MSIA seminars, PTS classes and special events held on campus.


To get started, please read the PDF below to learn about the Prana Residence Program and requirements. If it seems like a fit for you, then please complete the application below. If you have any questions, contact the Admissions Committee at (323) 737-4055, ext. 1126 or

Prana Residence Program PDF