Workshops & Retreats

PTS offers a wide range of workshops and retreats for letting go of what’s not working in your life, aligning more fully with your true self, and deepening your connection to God and the Traveler.

PTS workshops and retreats are led by our dedicated team of facilitators around the world, including John Morton. In all of our offerings, the Traveler energy is vibrant and the opportunities for awareness and upliftment can be magnificent.

Featured Workshops

Walking in the Light

The Walking in the Light workshop teaches sacred techniques, exercises, and processes to keep prayer alive for yourself and others, to help clear your consciousnesses and your body, and to precipitate from Spirit that which can be manifest in this world. Each exercise is a magnificent gift in itself, and together they help us develop a richer and more joyful relationship with God.


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MSIA Conferences

These multi-day events happen around the world each year.  A highlight of MSIA Conferences is Traveler Sharing with John Morton which is an opportunity to ask any question that is in your Heart. Conferences often include introductory evening events, a two-day workshop and a celebration dinner. They are created to support you in connecting with Spirit and your Highest Self and in recharging for the year to come.  


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Peace Awareness Trainings

The Peace Awareness Trainings (often called the “PAT Trainings”) are held in retreat. They provide an opportunity to break through whatever blocks your conscious awareness of Spirit and of your own divine essence. If you’ve ever wished you could get free of the habit patterns and mind chatter that get in the way of attuning to the divinity of your heart, these trainings are a great way to explore deeper levels of awareness and letting go.


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Living in Grace

The Living in Grace retreat creates a sacred space where the Traveler and the Christ energy is powerfully present, allowing participants to access new levels of awareness. The retreat offers a unique opportunity to let got what no longer serves you and to choose into a life under God’s grace.

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Passage into Spirit – Resurrection in the Christ

The Passage into Spirit workshop celebrates that we are born the Christ and explores what it means to live as the Christ. Held in retreat, this workshop offers an opportunity to step into an even greater level of discipleship, that of living as the Christ — something John-Roger has called us into time and time again.


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