What I Know About You

By: David Ashley Wright

August 31st, 2017

What I Know About You


I arose from my kneeling position to face the coming dawn.  I turned my palms upward and let my outstretched arms rise to meet the fading purple sky.  I closed my eyes and my heart took flight.  Loosed from the claws of gravity, I was free.  The truth of my being rang like a Tibetan chime throughout all existence.  The goodness of my Soul ascended to heights that clearly see all.  I had no motive except to bless.

The Light beckoned my presence on a particular mountain and, as I neared it, the golden castle took shape and a Being stood in the center of the main doorway.  The greatness of the structure stood strong and innocent as the Being’s arms raised up to greet my arrival.  I didn’t think I knew this Being, but in reality I had only forgotten that we had been archangels and we had been messengers of God before.  The recognition brought great joy and freedom as I saw my life begin to blend into the upward spiral of creation itself.

I drifted downward until we stood face to face in the World of utter love and Light.  I was home and you were home and we knew how much we had helped one another down through the ages.  It was a homecoming worthy of the birth of a whole new World.  Eternity circled our conversation.  Our smiles and mutual gaze saw nothing but the wholeness and the seed of all creation blossomed forth from the heart of love itself.  Our vision took us across the expanse of the universe.  Our love strummed the melody of the Sound Current and the vibration of the sound was at once joyful and innocent and yet, so deep the quiet could only whisper the breath of God.

And we knew.  We knew our actions from that moment forward could only bring the blessings as our only intention was to be of service for the Highest good, and we could only perform and speak from the heart of God’s name.  Many languages did we speak and many lessons taught.  But never to inflict.

Oh, the joy.  The imminent pulse of joy transcending day and night as we pause to toss a handful of stars in all directions to scatter across space, transforming into the diamonds carrying the only thing needed for a Being to move forward and upward — love.

Take my hand sweet angel of Light.  Let our hearts be the beacons and our Souls be the way.  Let our truth become the Light as we stand side by side on the highest mountain our voices in unison proclaiming:  “I am the truth.  I am the Light.  I am the way.”  And let all those in search of truth also become the truth.  The celebration is at hand.  Let us sing.  Let us dance.  Let us gaze upon one another and know, as God has always known, we have fulfilled our heritage and we are home.

Baruch Bashan.

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Thank you David, so very heartfelt. I felt the loving and joy in all it’s entirety

Thanks David, you caught the essence of what it is all about beautifully