Ask John-Roger: Knowing God’s Will, Trials and Challenges, How to Take Things Lightly…and More

By: John-Roger DSS

August 31st, 2017

Ask John-Roger: Knowing God’s Will, Trials and Challenges, How to Take Things Lightly…and More


This Q&A with MSIA’s Founder John-Roger was first published in the New Day Herald, March 1994

Q:   I have been going through so many trials and challenges, and I hear that other people are going through a lot of stuff too. Is mine, mine? Or is it part of the whole? Am I clearing for others?

J-R:   All together, we are one.

Q:   When am I in alignment with Spirit and the Traveler and, when I’m not, how do I get back there?

J-R: The book Path to Mastership describes step-by-step how you can know when you are in alignment with Spirit, and the signposts of downward energy. You can assist yourself in getting back into alignment with Spirit and the Traveler by reading your Discourses, listening to SAT seminars, doing spiritual exercises, and loving as you can. Do not judge yourself or others.

Q:   You seem to be someone who knows how to take things “lightly.” How do you do that? I want to do it too.

J-R: My focus is on God and His loving of us all, and that makes it all very funny.

Q:   I feel that there should be a woman in your organization holding the Traveler’s Consciousness. Can you tell me anything about that?

J-R: Everyone in MSIA holds the Traveler’s consciousness.

Q:   Sometimes I look back on some of the things I have done and wonder if I really needed that lesson. I did learn, but might there be another way?

J-R: In the “Lord’s Prayer” (which is really the disciples’ prayer), the disciples ask Jesus, “Lord, how do we pray?” And Jesus answers, ”You pray this way: Our Father, who art in heaven … ” That’s the disciples’ prayer. “Lead us not into temptation. Deliver us from evil.”

Evil is unnecessary experience, so therefore evil is based back inside of us, as “I just didn’t need that experience.” Well, maybe you had that experience not for you, but for someone else. Years later someone may come up to you and you share what you know. They express their gratitude to you because it solved something for them. And you find yourself saying inside, “Thank God I had that experience, so I could assist this other person.”

But maybe you consider robbing a bank. You could learn from the bank robbers who go to prison; so that might be an unnecessary experience, and evil, for you.

Do the best you can in each moment. It is also important to forgive yourself if you find yourself judging something that you have done. Use as much wisdom and loving as you can before you do things; then learn from what you do, and forgive anything that you are not happy with in your experience. Then you can start walking with the Lord.

Q:   What is the process by which I can live God’s will for me in my life instead of my will for me?

J-R: That is one of the most difficult questions anyone can ask: “How can I live God’s will?” And the answer is even more difficult. Know God. By knowing God, you can then find out what God’s will is for you.

There are two key ideas mentioned in the Bible: “Where two or more are gathered in My name, there I am also,” and “If you ask for it in My name, I will give it to you.” His name is His will. You must ask in the will of that name, not just as words. And you must learn to attune yourself to that will. We do this through the spiritual exercises. And again, it is your intention, not just the dry repetition of the tone, that can attune you to the energy, the will of the Lord.

As for God’s will for us, if we don’t know God, then we want to go to those people who seem to be an emissary of that quality of God to see if we can get caught up and attuned into that and experience what it is. In MSIA, we start conducting the Divine energy through the seminars (live, audio, or video), through the Discourses, retreats, classes, etc. And people pick it up. Then they start to go back in through themselves, following that divine essence. I can’t tell you what that essence is because it’s not a feeling, a touch, or a taste, but it is a physical reality when you go back inside. It is as physically real as hurt in your heart or your feelings; they’re not actually there physically, but you can feel them inside of you. Finding the will has traditionally been done through private, inner prayer, and then listening. This is part of the process of the spiritual exercises.

Q:   I would really like to seek first the kingdom of heaven in everything I do, my living, my S.E.’s, and my expressions, and have that really be true for me and not an ideal, a concept, or a wish. Can you give me some clarity on that?

J-R: The kingdom of heaven is always at hand. It’s when you step out into the world that you step away from the kingdom of heaven, and then come under the dominion of the prince of this earth, often called Lucifer or Satan or the devil.

You can still reside in the kingdom of heaven and walk on the planet. But in that, you walk in the assurance that you’re making the decisions from your own inner truth of the experience of what you know, and not being influenced by other people’s opinions about it or their experiences of it. You can take the knowledge of an experience and filter out other’s opinions, taking the experience to yourself to utilize as something you either want to go for or stay away from. This is part of using your own inner wisdom.

If a movie is being shot and I come tell you, “You know, they’re looking for people to star in that film, I saw a sign this morning,” and you haven’t seen the sign, then I have newer information than you. You may go check it out and find that everyone has been hired already. Well, you went to check it out at 3:00 in the afternoon, and I may have told you about it at 10:00 in the morning. So you learn to move faster on the information that comes to you.

You also have to be open to the information in order to hear it. Some people subject themselves to such irrational, negative information. I would not do that to myself. I would not subjugate myself to certain movies, listen to certain people or certain things. I just wouldn’t do that. I’d say, “No, I don’t care if they’re right or wrong, if it’s true or not true or anything else, I am not going, I’m taking care of me. I’m not going to put that inside of me and have it occupy space that I own.” Because it has the right to do that when I go and indulge myself; what I expose myself to has a right to occupy space inside of me; I’ve given it the authority to do that. Personally, I just don’t do that.

The spiritual exercises, Discourses, seminars, books, and PTS classes and retreats are all tools that are given to assist you in strengthening that inner connection to who you are, to assist you in connecting with the inner truth, the kingdom of heaven within you, so that you can walk through this world, yet not be part of it. It is a process, and every time you fall, you just get back up again and continue on your way, learning as you go. Choose wisely what you align yourself with, what you place in your consciousness, what you give space to inside of you.

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