We use the expression “calling in the Light,” but the Light is always here, so we actually are more accurately calling ourselves forward into the Light.

Our Founder John-Roger shared that the main idea for calling in the Light is: “If this is for my highest good and for theirs, then I would like the Light to be placed with me, with them, and with this situation.”

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    Relax & Evoke The Loving Within

    There is no right or wrong way of calling in the Light. Even the words are not so important. What matters is the loving and devotion with which it is done.

    If you’re calling in the Light with a group, you might like to hold hands in a circle, however this is not necessary.

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    Ask for the Light To Be Present

    As there really is no wrong way to do this, do your best to receive the words that come present for you. Remember the simple intention of calling in the Light is that either you, or the group, come into greater attunement with Spirit – so whatever words evoke or call that into greater awareness for you – follow that.

    Here’s one sample of calling in the Light:

    “Father – Mother – God, we ask just now to be placed within the Light of the Christ, and that through the Holy Spirit, only that which is for the Highest Good be brought forward. We ask for the presence of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness to be with us just now. We ask this with perfect love and perfect understanding, keeping in mind our true destinies on this planet. We’re always glad to be of service, Father, and for this we give our thanks. Thy will be done. So be it.”

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    Chant Ani-Hu three or more times

    Hu is a Sanskrit term and is an ancient name for God, and can be pronounced like the name Hugh. Ani, also a Sanskrit term adds the quality of empathy and can be pronounced “ahn-eye-hu”.

    Either on your own, or all together as a group, chant the words Ani-Hu out loud.

    If you’re calling in the Light with a group, you might like to work to harmonize your tone with the group – as the intention of calling in the Light and chanting Ani-Hu is to bring the group with each other and Spirit, into harmony and one accord.

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    Enjoy the Peace Within

    You might like to hold within for a moment, or even for 5 or 10 minutes. Enjoy the stillness and sense of peace that calling in the Light often brings forward.


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    The Light is already here. It never leaves us. By calling ourselves forward to the Light, we are acknowledging that and stating what the process is. We are saying, in effect, “I know you are always here, God, and I am consciously bringing myself into your presence now, so that I can have a fuller knowledge and experience of you.”

    John-Roger, DSS