This simple method is a way to clear your energy field anytime you feel out of balance.

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    Step 1

    Let’s say you’ve been with a friend who is sick and you’ve come away with a heavy heart, or you’ve gone into a rough neighborhood, or you’ve been on a crowded train at rush hour. Any of these situations can leave you feeling drained or anxious or out of sorts.

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    Step 2

    To clear the negativity from your energy field, simply take your hand, place it over your forehead, and silently say, “Clear, disengage, and disconnect through the Light, for the highest good.” These words declare your intention to separate from the negativity and come back into the comfort of your own energy field.


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    When you attune to the Beloved, you find out that you want to produce unconditional loving and be in that energy field.

    John-Roger, DSS