Learn how to cooperate more and how to have a happier, healthier and more peaceful life by reading these steps by John-Roger, founder of MSIA.

One of the greatest keys that anyone could give you to create your own happiness and well-being would be the key of unconditional cooperation“. John-Roger, DSS.

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    Acceptance is a big part

    Accept people for who they are and see past the expression of the moment into the message they deliver from their hearts.

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    Attitude is one key

    When you are in a state of cooperation, your attitude is one of joy, enthusiasm and abundance. When you’re asked to do something, you let the one who asks know that your cooperation extends far beyond what you were asked to do. You do it more fully and more completely than they had even thought to suggest.

    You may find that when you are really in a state of cooperation, you do not only do what is asked, you see beyond that to the next project and start preparing for that immediately. Your focus is beyond yourself and your immediate job. You are exercising your creativity and manifesting your joy. It’s a joyful attitude

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    Know when you're not cooperating

    There are a few quick ways to know when you’re not in a state of cooperation. One is the attitude of “I’m right!” This attitude creates separation because it places a judgment on someone or something else.

    Another key to knowing you’re not cooperating is when you hear yourself saying “Yes, but…” The way to cooperate with people who are expressing these negative attitudes is to let them win, to let them have their way. It’s easy. When they’ve won, you can continue in your own positive direction without becoming involved in their point of view at all.

  • 4
    The New Age, the Golden Age

    We’re moving into the New Age, the Golden Age, an age where the awareness of Spirit is present more completely than ever before. People are learning and growing at a tremendous rate. You’ll be faced continually with opportunities for cooperation. You may be aware of and be able to move into some of them, and you may miss others.

  • 5
    The Challenge

    If you want to live a more balanced and happy life, accept the following challenge. If someone says, “Oh, I thought that should be have been done better,” just say, “That’s an interesting point of view”, and go on about your business. When you feel you have to “sell” them — don’t; just go on about your business. People sell themselves. You can give them the opportunity to do that, however. Present your particular service or idea and explain what it can do for them if they use it the way it’s designed to be used. If they use it another way and it doesn’t work, you are not responsible.

  • 6
    Stay clear and free in your consciousness

    It’s best to stay clear and free in your consciousness, to know where you are, what you’re doing and what your approach is. Then if people start interpreting what you do and making it into something else, you can simply tell them, “Suit yourself”, and step away into your own direction.

    When you allow them the freedom to suit themselves and go on with their direction, and when you make it clear that you’re going to continue working the way you’re working, it becomes a great security for everyone. When you say, “I won’t allow you to interfere with what I’m doing, and I’m not going to interfere with what you’re doing,” you will find great respect coming to you — not necessarily admiration or glorification, but respect.

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