Often, the simplest tools work the best. “I Love This” is one of the most effective practices for coming to a neutral, uplifting place where you can let love lead.

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    Step 1

    Whatever is going on in your life—whatever events are occurring, whatever thoughts or emotions you are experiencing—whether you like what’s happening or not, accept it as “what is” and say: “I love this.” (You can add other words, but the essence remains the same: “I love myself for doing this.” “I love myself for thinking this.” Or, if you find yourself in a difficult bind, “I love this situation.”)

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    Step 2

    If you find yourself responding to someone in an emotionally reactive way, you can say to yourself, “I love myself for the way I responded emotionally.” If someone upsets you, you can say, “I love the way that person upset me.” If you’re stuck in traffic, you can say, “I love being stuck in traffic,” or “I love this difficult situation,” or simply “I love this.”

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    Step 3

    What’s surprising about this method is that it works even if you don’t feel any love when you say it. All you need to do is repeat the words consciously—in other words, pay attention and be fully present when you say the phrase.

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    Step 4

    Try this practice for yourself. Make a statement of love whenever you can, whatever situation you’re in.

    Observe whether anything changes inside you. Look on this practice as a fun, exploratory adventure. Of course, if you don’t like that idea, you can just say, “I love this.”

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    Loving is a very neutral state. It’s “I love you if you’re good, I love you if you’re bad, I love you if you’re not doing either one of those.”

    John-Roger, DSS