To be an initiate of the Traveler is to devote yourself to the God within you, to Spirit, and to returning to your home, the Soul realm. John-Roger, DSS

If you are studying in MSIA, you can ask to be initiated through the Mystical Traveler Consciousness into the Sound Current — the audible stream of energy that comes from the heart of God. The levels of initiation in MSIA correspond to levels of consciousness both within and outside of each person: astral (imagination), causal (emotions), mental (mind), etheric (unconscious), and Soul (who we truly are). There are also initiations above the Soul level.

The astral initiation happens in the dream state after coming in contact in some way with the Mystical Traveler, although it is not anchored physically at that time. For the four other initiations, you will meet with an initiator and will be given an initiation “tone” (the name of Divinity on that realm), spiritually charged for you individually by the Traveler, which you will chant during spiritual exercises.

The Traveler assists you in clearing enough karma on one level to be initiated into the next level. Initiation is not for everyone and certainly not every person studying in MSIA becomes an initiate. It is for anyone who is committed to a working relationship with the God of their heart and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness.  If you’re interested in pursuing initiation, the first step is subscribing to Soul Awareness Discourses.

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