Over the centuries, meditation has been used for many purposes, from calming and healing physical, emotional, and mental stresses to experiencing other states of consciousness and achieving self-realization. There are many different meditation techniques and most of them are a passive process involving being still and emptying your mind and consciousness of all thought and feeling. In actuality, this is next to impossible to do. The thoughts and emotions of the human consciousness are nearly always present in some degree and will continually intrude upon almost any attempt to shut them out or quiet them completely.

Within MSIA we teach another dimension to the meditative process which changes it from a passive technique of “emptying the mind” to an active technique of directing the mind and emotions. We call these active meditations “spiritual exercises,” which suggests the activity of exercises combined with a spiritual focus and thrust.


If you are interested in a guided meditation for Spiritual Exercises, click below to begin.

Guided Ani-Hu Meditation

The soul is an extremely dynamic and creative unit of energy. It is ALIVE in the truest, most pure sense of the word.  It is that part of you that never dies, always exists, always IS. It is an extension of God and a spark of the divine. It is your reality. The body, mind, and emotions are your illusions. Because the soul is active and dynamically alive, you must become active and alive in order to know this essence of yourself and awaken yourself to the reality of the dynamic beingness that is the soul. You cannot awaken to that which is active by being passive.  You must become active to reach soul consciousness and that is why spiritual exercises are a key to Soul Transcendence.

Experience a practical introduction to meditation and spiritual exercises in these 10 short lessons. The lessons are each approximately 1-3 minutes long for you to read, listen, and watch.

  • 1
    What are Spiritual Exercises?

    There are ways to get into the heavens through the physical level: prayer, meditation, contemplation, and spiritual exercises. When you pray, you ask God, when you meditate, you listen, and when you contemplate, you think about what you heard.

    In MSIA, we teach spiritual exercises (also called s.e.’s), which is an active process to move into your Soul consciousness. S.e.’s are a technique of holding your mind steady and quieting your emotions, by using a spiritual tone or vibration to connect to the energy that flows from God throughout all existence.

  • 2
    Using a Mantra

    A mantra is a specific sound or tone which, when spoken or chanted out loud or inwardly, can invoke a spiritual essence. In MSIA, there are a number of tones that we chant during s.e.’s. The two tones that are typically chanted before a person is initiated are Hu and Ani-Hu.

    Hu is Sanskrit and is an ancient name for God, and the Ani in Ani-Hu brings in the quality of empathy. Chanting Hu, Ani-Hu or your initiatory tone builds a bridge and opens a channel between your consciousness and the higher consciousnesses of Soul and beyond.

    [Audio (2:13)]

  • 3
    Where to Focus Your Attention

    During spiritual exercises, we recommend bringing your consciousness up to what we call the spiritual eye. Also referred to as the third eye, it’s usually where the Soul will reside in the physical body. It’s located in the area of the center of the head, back from the center of the forehead.

  • 4
    Seeing Spiritually

    Many times, spiritual exercises are a simple process of learning to see in the Spirit. This isn’t about seeing with your physical eyes, but with your spiritual eyes of knowing and intuiting.

    When you see through your spiritual eyes, you can often see more clearly how you and your patterns of existence fit in with the larger scheme of things, and you will be more willing to cooperate with the path that has been prepared for you.

    [Audio (2:01)]

  • 5
    Hearing Spiritually

    During spiritual exercises, you may also be hearing the Sound Current. This is the audible energy that flows from God through all realms. It is the spiritual energy on which a person returns to the heart of God.

    The best way to hear the Sound Current is to draw your attention to one place so that you focus into the intention; then let the intention listen to the sound. The intention will listen, and it will hear. Usually you will hear it above the third eye area.

  • 6
    Preparation for Spiritual Exercises

    Before you begin a session of spiritual exercises, we recommend preparing your body, mind, and environment to be able to relax, let go, and be open and receptive to Spirit.

    First, take care of any hunger or thirst that may distract you. Stretch and breathe deeply, before settling in, to relax your body. Then, clear your mind of any to do’s you think might pull on you. Next, choose a quiet environment where you won’t be interrupted. Find a chair where you can be comfortable and stay awake.

  • 7
    Using the Light

    Begin every session of spiritual exercises with a prayer asking that the Light surround you, protect you, and fill you, and that any negativity that may be released be cleared and dispersed into the Light.

    Ask that all that takes place during your spiritual exercises be for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. When you ask for this in purity, sincerity, and love, you are protected and your s.e.’s will be a positive one for your upliftment and progression.

  • 8
    Spiritual Exercises -- Step-by-Step

    Here are some simple steps to guide you in starting your practice of spiritual exercises:

    • – Prepare your environment
    • – Sit upright, if possible, and close your eyes
    • – Call yourself forward into the Light for the highest good
    • – Chant Hu or Ani-Hu silently for about 5 minutes, focusing on your third eye area
    • – Now simply listen for 5 minutes, listening for the Sound Current
    • – Begin chanting Hu or Ani-Hu inwardly again for 5 minutes
    • – Listen again for 5 minutes, listening for the Sound Current
    • – Open your eyes whenever you are ready

    There is no wrong way to do s.e.’s. Go into them with as much loving and devotion to God as you can, and you may find wonderful inner experiences unfolding.

  • 9
    Keeping a Journal

    You may find some very inspiring and poetic thoughts and feelings flowing through your consciousness during spiritual exercises. You may also experience realizations and awarenesses that you want to remember.

    Writing about your experiences in a journal after spiritual exercises can become a beautiful record of your progress and source of inspiration for your learning, upliftment, and growth.

  • 10
    Soul Transcendence

    Beyond your body, mind, and emotions, there is the Soul. Soul Transcendence is a journey of traveling into and above the consciousness of Soul—into the oneness of God—where you see things in perspective, attune to Spirit, and release karma.

    Soul Transcendence is an active process and a positive state of being. It lights a path for you to become established in Soul consciousness and beyond, where you are freed from creating more karma, and can break the cycle of incarnation.


    Learn more about Soul Transcendence

    God is in heaven, there are greater realms, you don’t have to die to experience them, and you can know the divine reality while you live on this earth.

    John-Roger, DSS