When we have grief, it is because we are missing someone that we valued so much in this world. Maybe they died, or maybe they have a disease that they may die from. Maybe they are going away with somebody else or moving to another country. In these circumstances, grief is often something that says, “I cared too much”. Often when we care more for a person than they care about us, an imbalance is created that can lead to grief.

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    The Challenge of Grief

    When you’ve lost somebody who has been really close to you, and you have invested a great deal of yourself in them, the depth of your grief cannot be told to somebody who has not had the experience. The feeling goes so deep that it can go into the very cells of your body.

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    Turning Grief into Joy

    We can assist a person out of their grief by curing them with joy. Joy isn’t something where you say “Okay, let’s have joy”, although that can work. It’s more about accessing enough joy inside so that it starts trickling out. Joy bubbles up and can make the body move and transform, and that’s extremely important. Some people can’t handle joy. It’s too electrifying and can keep them awake. It’s like a sugar rush.

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    Reinterpret Grief

    You may miss someone who has departed, but you also have the joy that you knew them and were able to spend time with them. I have great joy for what my parents taught me and that they were my parents. I miss them but have no grief, because they taught me what they knew. I would have grief if I didn’t use what they gave to me, but I use it.

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    Anticipate Joy

    Anticipate joy at every moment. And always maintain a sense of gratefulness for all your blessings. Being grateful means maintaining the awareness that Divinity is entirely present in every moment of your life and that you don’t have to go anywhere to experience the glory of the divine presence.

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    Awareness and Cooperation

    When you are in that awareness and cooperation, all things flow to you, and you experience a sense of upliftment and peace. You can turn to the positive direction at any moment, and joy will be entirely present for you.

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    Joy is Inherent in the Soul

    When you have joy – when this happiness just comes up inside you – then no matter what you do or say or become out there, this center of calm and happiness is not disturbed because it is what it is. Therein is your fulfillment for being on this physical level.

    The information on this page was pulled out from the book Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being by John-Roger, DSS with Paul Kaye, DSS.

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