Labyrinths are a kind of archetypal design that have been in existence for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years as part of mystical and religious traditions and cultures throughout the world. Some are relatively simple in design and some are more complex. Labyrinths are commonly built in stone, grass, or dirt and can have paths defined by rocks, plants, or other materials. The labyrinth at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens is made of travertine marble and is designed after the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France, which was built circa 1220.

In this process, you will be guided through the use of a paper labyrinth that you can print and trace with your finger or a pen.

As you walk the labyrinth become quiet within. Know that your answers are within and will be known to you in perfect timing. Know that what you seek is already present. There is nothing you need do but walk forward, knowing your divinity.
John-Roger, DSS

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    The Paper Labyrinth
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    Call Yourself Forward into the Light

    It’s best to walk or trace the labyrinth with an open heart and mind asking for that which is for your highest good.

    If you’d like, you can ask for the Light this way: Dear God, I ask that the Light be with me and that only the highest good come forward throughout this process. I am open to receive of guidance and blessings that are available to me in service to my intention and the highest good of all concerned.

  • 3
    Set Your Intention - Ask Your Question

    Set an intention or ask a question. This will be your focus as you walk the labyrinth. You might set an intention to receive healing of a condition or upset you are experiencing as you move through the labyrinth. Or you might ask for clarity in a certain area of your life.

    Remember, whatever your intention, to ask that only the highest good come forward.

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    How to Walk the Labyrinth

    To walk or trace the labyrinth, enter and follow the path as it winds its way toward the center. When you reach the center, you may want to pause for a moment to listen inwardly.

    When you are ready, turn and follow the same path out of the labyrinth to end where you began. Notice any new awareness that you have.

  • 5
    Reflect on Your Experience

    Take a moment to reflect on your experience. Remember the intention you set or the question that you asked before you entered the labyrinth.

    Consider that you are experiencing exactly what is for your highest good.

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