In the Presence of the Beloved: The Wind that Blows From Heaven

A Monthly Retreat in the Presence of the Beloved, In-Person and Live Streamed

IHOP (Intuition, Health, Openness, and Possibility) with Paul Kaye, DSS, is back by popular demand. In the Presence of the Beloved: The Wind That Blows from Heaven is about living from the Soul, being in communion with what breathes and sustains us, and experiencing the unconditionally loving aspect of ourselves that is the Divine. It’s a monthly retreat to integrate the teachings of the Traveler into all levels of our consciousness.

Realize that there is a great wind that blows from heaven and that this wind is Light and Sound. In this stream of Light and Sound, you can dance all the way across the universes. You can turn your consciousness into it, and know that you and the Light are one. – John-Roger, DSS


In-Person & via Live Stream

IHOP 8 is Live Streamed. There’s no homework. And the recordings are available for you to watch anytime. No previous IHOP experience is required.

A time to deepen your relationship with the Beloved, the Being-Loving-One that resides in and around you.

Class weekends include spiritual exercises, John Morton sharing (health and schedule permitting), and lots of John-Roger excerpts and seminars alongside Paul Kaye’s diverse mix of inspiring videos, mysterious findings, and ways to move the body and stay healthy, all blended into a practical approach.

Students also have the opportunity to learn from several guest presenters who share their wisdom and what inspires them most.

It's better to allow this formless Spirit of God to move through you, unconditionally, in all situations and at all times. Let it move as the wind from Heaven, of which you know neither the source nor the destination. As you open yourself to God's loving presence within you, share yourself fully with the Beloved. Hold nothing back. Be vulnerable, open, as you rest in the arms of the Beloved, for your perfect vulnerability will be your perfect protection.

John-Roger, DSS

Class Dates

Month 1: March 30 & 31 
April: No Class
Month 2: May 25 & 26
Month 3: June 22 & 23 
Month 4: July 20 & 21 
Month 5: August 17 & 18 
Month 6: September 14 & 15 
Month 7: October 19 & 20 
Month 8: November 23 & 24

Saturdays from 9:00 am to 6:30pm* PST
Sundays from 9:00am to 6:00pm* PST
*Ending times approximate.

Location: 3500 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, California & Live Streamed!


We encourage you to pre-register by February 15th so we can prepare a place for you.

In-Person Tuition: $275 USD per month
Live Stream Tuition: $250 USD per month

Prerequisites: An Active on MSIA Discourse Subscription or SAT’s (if discourse # 144 completed). If you’re not a Discourse Subscriber, the first year of Discourses is included in the first month’s tuition for the class. 

Contact: Claudia Olguín, (323) 328-1947, ClaudiaO@pts.org

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Join us from wherever you are. Classes start on March 30th.