Soul-Centered Work at MSIA & PTS

“The only business of MSIA is Soul Transcendence: to transcend into the heart of God. Your work here is to serve and to love your neighbor as yourself. Your mission is to make the teachings of the Traveler available to those who are looking for them.” John-Roger, DSS

Position:        MSIA Library & Archives Team Member

Overview:       Be part of a meaningful and important archiving venture.

The MSIA Library and Archives Team is dedicated to digitizing and updating the vast library of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. The library consists of text documents, legacy video and audio content of spiritual nature, by founder John-Roger. The archiving project also entails migrating digital files to our internal DAM (Digital Asset Management platform), which will be enriched with all the assets’ metadata.

The Archives Team works closely with several MSIA organizations, such as Peace Theological Seminary and Now Productions.

  • Be a part of a creative process of creating new workflows as each phase of the project achieves completion.
  • Help set up new practices as new phases of the project evolve.
  • In-person at MSIA headquarters, Hollywood Vaults 2-3- times a week.
  • Remote work as needed.
  • Flexible hours and schedule.
  • Part-time with potential to full time

Team handles:

  • Inventory and reorganization of legacy video and audio tapes in a professional offsite vault
  • Reconcile master files with archival copies (Parent/children association)
  • Categorize, assess, count, and prep media for digitization by out of house vendors.
  • Track outgoing and incoming orders with vendors
  • Transport media to/from vault and to/from vendors
  • Prepare media for shipment to offsite/out-of-state salt mines, and manage media recalls from salt mines
  • Create and track PO and monitor billing for third party service providers
  • Create file names following our newly instituted naming conventions metadata policies
  • Perform asset research for old and new databases containing both transcripts and media servicing requests from internal departments and stakeholders
  • Extract information from old and new databases to input a cloud-based, modern digital asset management system
  • Proofread, correct grammar, format documents and transcripts for documents archive and transcript library
  • Scan and do OCR cleanup of converted PDF docs
  • Handle clipping, filing and transferring audio and video files

Will work with:
Databases, servers, Google Drive, DAM, transcription software, Office 365

Will need:
Basic knowledge of Outlook, Teams, Lists, SharePoint
Excel skills: able to manipulate data in a spreadsheet, use filters, sort, etc.
Word: proof, correct grammar, format, scan, OCR cleanup of media transcripts.


  • Knowledge of audio and video file formats, both tape and digital
  • Teamwork oriented
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to shift gears, multi-task, problem-solve in a constantly changing environment.
  • Ability to adapt to changing workflows
  • Excellent communication skills a must
  • Curious learner, keeps up with technology

Marina Van Wormer, Manager – MSIA Library and Archives

Part-Time Receptionist

The Receptionists are the first contact most people have with MSIA and PAL&G.

We are looking for a resourceful heart-centered, reliable person to answer phones, welcome visitors and monitor security cameras for Prana and PAL&G, while maintaining a high degree of customer service, excellence, and awareness.

We need someone that is

  • Demonstrates excellence in customer service and communication skills
  • Able to focus and complete tasks, with the ability to successfully handle stressful situations with discernment in a calm and professional manner. Concentrate on details, work under deadline pressures, apply sound logic and judgment, and prioritize tasks and responsibilities.
  • Previous receptionist/phone work experience preferred
  • Proficient computer skills, trained in Microsoft Word and Excel (Lotus Notes, Publisher, PowerPoint, Adobe is a plus)
  • A willingness to learn with an adaptive learning style
  • Be on Discourses
  • Bilingual is a plus
  • Be familiar with all the information in the Reception Manual within 30 days of hire.

If this describes you and you are interested please contact Stella Estevez or Deborah Kovitz.

Thank you.