The Hu-man Being: Fulfilling Your Destiny, Mastering Your Energy.


What would you do if you could have a weekend retreat once a month? How would that change your life?

Hit the reset button, learn to master your energy and receive the best sound baths of your life. Intuition, Health, Openness, and Possibility (IHOP) 7 is the latest in the IHOP series.

Imagine a spiritual retreat into your way of Being. So that everything you do, from eating healthy to handling a tough conversation at work is as natural, comfortable and loving as you truly are.

This 12-month program is designed to improve your health, release stress and explore your destiny on the planet. This is where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge science. Every. Class. Weekend.

Unlike other programs, this class meets one weekend a month on Saturdays (9 am – 7 pm) and Sundays (9 am- 6 pm).

Of course, if you’re an early riser, we have an optional early 8:15 am segment that we like to call Poise, Grace, Presence, and Breath (on both Saturday and Sunday), where we take the time to move our body, create more strength, mobility, and energy. We’ll have you running around with your grandkids in no-time.

There is no homework and although the class is Live Streamed, if you miss a segment, a day, or a weekend, you can catch up at any time. Each month we invite and encourage you to unplug and bathe in the Light, Love, and Sound that is so abundantly available and accessible in this class.

Let’s take a look at the themes we’ll explore throughout the year:



The Hu-man

We’ll spend time dailing into the highest spiritual state that we can, through Sound, through the Christ, through unconditional loving, and laughter.

“When we chant the H-U’s, this is a mantra calling on the highest frequency of God that we can envision. The H-U sound is God, and it’s interesting that when we combine that with man we have a HU-man, God-man, not just man or mankind. And we could actually chant “HU-man” and build that into a mantra of great power, of great force.”- John-Roger, DSS










In the class, we’ll be learning to enter a state of being. Not as a passive process, but as one that allows us to act from repose. This quote from John-Roger gives us a blueprint:

“If we can just be, and we can let that being of who we are come forward, and we can let our voice and our mind just present themselves, this being will do away with all the doing that has been our compulsive and obsessive behavior.

That BEING comes forward, and then it does the doing. And there’s no karma because the action is done from the state of being, not from the state of ego, or from right and wrong or from “I’m supposed to know” or anything else like that.

People say, ‘How do you know these things?’ I reside in the state of being. They say, ‘But how do you accomplish so much?’ What I do is done from the state of being, or I don’t do it.” – John-Roger, DSS.






Fulfilling our Destiny

Our destiny is our strength and our North Star. The class will be exploring how we can stay in attunement with what we’ve come here to do at the highest level.

“Your ultimate destiny is to be consciously aware on all levels at all times and to know your own divinity. When you do this, you also know the divinity in all things and realize that it is all one.” – John-Roger, DSS.

Mastering Our Energy

We’ll be spending time exploring our energy centers – their function, psychological and energetic significance, symbology, and their usefulness to us in pointing us towards liberation and manifestation. We will see where we are obstructing our energy and how we can bring ourselves into harmony and resonance.

“To be whole means to have the choice of how we use our energy.Our energy is, perhaps, the most valuable thing that we have dominion over. We have just so much energy. It’s as if we’re born with a certain quotient, and how we use it is part of our freedom of choice.”
John-Roger, DSS.





One of the keys to fulfilling our destiny and to mastering our energy is completion. The class supports us in bringing ourselves back to wholeness through completing many of things we have hanging out there. In the process we’ll be learning to be impeccable with our energy.

“It is the destiny of each human being to complete. This is why the focus of the human consciousness is one of completion”- John-Roger, DSS.

Class Dates 2018

Month 1: January 20-21
Month 2: February 10-11
Month 3: March 3-4
Month 4: April 7-8
Month 5: May 5-6
Month 6: Jun 2-3
Month 7: July 14-15
Month 8: Aug 11-12
Month 9: Sep 1-2
Month 10: Oct 13-14
Month 11: Nov 3-4
Month 12: Dec 8-9

In-Person Tuition: $275 per month
Live Stream Tuition: $250 per month
Registration: Contact Claudia Olguin | +1 (323) 328-1947 |



*You can participate in IHOP-7 if you have not done a previous IHOP class. The only requirement is that you be current on discourses. And if you are not on discourses they are included in your first month’s tuition of $250.