As our gift, we would love to share John-Roger’s Seminar: ‘Revelations On The Inner Master’ ‘ [MP4/MP3]

While the main focus of this talk is an examination of the “Inner Master,” John-Roger, as always, covers lots of ground. He references the Bible, including the Book of Revelations, for descriptions of the Inner Master. And he fills the talk with plenty of stories, jokes and anecdotes that bring the information alive. As he frequently does, J-R includes useful techniques …like how to keep neutral to what life brings us. Toward the end, J-R gets down to the nitty gritty, reminding us, “There is only one Truth, and that is God. There is only one thought, and that¹s God’s thought. There is only one soul, and that is God. There is only a oneness in all things manifesting itself as diverse activity, and that’s us!”

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