Mystical Traveler Consciousness

The Mystical Traveler’s job is to assist you in breaking free of all the blocks that stand between you and your full and complete awareness of the Soul level and the freedom of the Soul.

John-Roger, DSS

The Mystical Traveler Consciousness

The work of the Mystical Traveler through the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is Soul Transcendence, and to do Soul Transcendence, a person needs the assistance of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness.

The Mystical Traveler is a spiritual consciousness that exists throughout all levels of God’s creation. It resides within each person and is a guide into the higher levels of Spirit, the greater reality of God. The Traveler can assist you in clearing karma, and its work is done inwardly, on the spiritual levels.

In MSIA, we call this consciousness “the Mystical Traveler,” but it doesn’t have to be called that. It was given a term so that it could be referred to in speaking and writing. Also, mystical means “having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence,” and traveler refers to one who goes on a trip or journey. The Traveler exists on all levels of consciousness and can go (travel) with people into areas of consciousness that are not apparent to the senses or obvious to the intelligence (mind).

Before MSIA came into being, the Traveler was referred to in some places as a prophet, an avatar, a spiritual leader, and so on; there are many names. It comes from Spirit, from the spiritual levels referred to as the School of the Divine or the Holy of Holies.

The Traveler is freedom, expresses freedom, and gives freedom. Because it is free, it defies definition, but we can say that its nature is love, joy, and upliftment. It brings health, wealth, and happiness on the physical level, calm to the emotional level, peace to the mental level, ability to the unconscious level, and the fulfillment of all the dreams to the spiritual level.

Working with the Mystical Traveler

One of the key things to do to become more aware of the Traveler’s work with you is to open to the possibility that it is happening. You need to invite and allow the Traveler to work with you. If you do not think it can work, it has to stand back because it cannot inflict itself on anyone. You need to have the wit to open your consciousness to the Mystical Traveler and say, “Do what can be done.” Then just be open and watch.

One of the best ways to invite the Traveler to work with you is to do spiritual exercises and build the bridge into Spirit, and then you can start to have the experience.

There has always been someone on the planet who holds, or “anchors,” the energy of the Mystical Traveler here so that all can partake of it. It is almost a mechanical action, and because someone holds the energy, the energy is available to all. As an analogy, apples on a tree are available for all who come by, because the apple tree is there. To partake, of course, you have to be aware of where the tree is and, also, to want apples. If you do not want apples that day, you do not have to have them.

Since 1988, John Morton is the one that anchors the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness in the planet. 


Events with John Morton

Attending an event with the one holding the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness is an unique opportunity of and loving and awakening that are available to all of us. John travels the world, every year, participating in many events, workshops, classes, tours.

Upcoming Events with John Morton


Soul Awareness Discourses

To study in MSIA, a person subscribes to the Soul Awareness Discourses. The Discourses are an important part of the Traveler’s teachings on the physical level, the wisdom that has come through from Spirit. There are twelve years of Discourses (144 in all), and after a person finishes the Discourses, they continue their study in MSIA by listening to the Soul Awareness Tapes/CDs (SAT), again one per month. A person can also have a SAT subscription while studying Discourses.
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