PAT Retreat in Canada

Our Canada Community prepares a Peace Awareness Training

Our MSIA community in Colorado is gathering intentions to confirm this event in June. The event is a 7-day workshop and the tuition is $600. We need to have a minimum of 50 people confirmed in order to confirm the event. Let us know if you want to be in this workshop by filling out the form below.

The Peace Awareness Trainings (often called the “PAT Trainings”) are held in retreat. They provide an opportunity to break through whatever blocks your conscious awareness of Spirit and of your own divine essence.

If you’ve ever wished you could get free of the habit patterns and mind chatter that get in the way of attuning to the divinity of your heart, these trainings are a great way to explore deeper levels of awareness and letting go.

After submitting your intention, our Rep will follow up with you. Stay tuned!

Yes, I want to be there!

It will be great to have you!