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Once you have learned the discipline of Spirit, freedom appears spontaneously. Joy appears spontaneously. And loving is entirely present.

John-Roger, DSS
We have all experienced moments of peace and joy in our lives. Perhaps now it is time to express that peace more often than in just those precious moments. Maybe the time has come to move into the inner awareness of peace - not for just a moment here and there, but every day, every hour, every minute - and then to give the peace away by sharing it with others.

John-Roger, DSS
You cannot allow yourself the luxury of a negative thought. You cannot allow that which is less than God and the Spirit to be a force in your life. Do not turn and strike at someone else. Be loving to yourself and to others, which is really the same thing. If you hit at another, you hit at the Lord, and you hit at your own divine nature. You really do not want to do that.

John-Roger, DSS