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The most important thing you can do to experience peace inside is to cease doing againstness. When you indulge in jealousy, anger or lust, you are in againstness—against yourself. It may seem like you are against someone or something outside you, but take a good look: Where do those feelings reside, and who are they affecting?

John-Roger, DSS
Is getting into a peaceful place hard work? Not if you do it right now. When you stay here, in the present, you can be distracted out of your pain and problems, and peace can start welling up inside of you.

John-Roger, DSS
Our spiritual heritage is one of peace. Humanity’s history seems to belie that fact, yet we always have the choice to express loving, acceptance and caring. We have the power to make choices. Although choices like vindictiveness, jealousy, revenge, hatred, etc. may seem louder, more available, or more impressive, the qualities of Spirit are always here and are longer lasting. All we have to do is choose. Not once, but again and again.

John-Roger, DSS
We can start having peace in the world when we have inner peace. We can stop having wars out in the world when we stop having wars inside our own thoughts and emotions. That is our job: to start having peace inside.

John-Roger, DSS