Simply said, seeding is the planting of what you want to receive. Seeding is for a future-effect and is done beforehand. It works in the same sense as when you pray over your food and say, “Thank you, God, for what I am about to receive.” With seeding, you are saying, “Before I receive this, I am acknowledging the presence of it.”

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What Others Are Saying About Seeding



Shortly after I moved to LA I was pretty much broke...I was looking for a job and I seeded 10% of what I wanted and within a week I got a job for exactly that amount.

- Sung Lee



What I like about seeding is that it's giving. It's just such a pure form of giving.

- Matt VanFossan



Seeding is one of the greatest gifts that I have been able to give myself. Any time I notice myself in a downward spiral, my thought at that moment is to seed.

- Rachael Jayne


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