Being a joyful giver is a great part of loving the Lord with your body, mind and Soul.”

– John-Roger, DSS


When you enter into seeding, there are some key principles to keep in mind. If you’re going to get a crop in the fall, what is the first thing you’re going to have to do in the spring? Plant it. So you have to give first. You also have to know for what you’re giving. If you plant rye, don’t expect a horse. If you’re planting wheat, don’t expect rye. So to give first, there has to be a purpose for the giving: Why am I going to do this? And it’s not an altruistic statement. It has to be a self-possessed type of statement: “I’m seeding because I want this.” Then you lay out what you want.

When you seed, you need to do it with the real faith of the heart. You have to claim what you seed for, but you have to claim it in God’s time and love. You also have to let God know that you’re his “co-pilot,” his partner. And although God is the “senior partner,” you can’t just seed and say, “I’ll let God decide what to do,” because God’s saying to you, “You need to give me a blueprint.”

If you say, “I want to reach that mountain over there,” that’s called imagining. But if you’re doing the seeding, you start to prepare yourself right here to receive of the mountain. You check that the car has gas in it and that the tires have air. You check the road map to see how to get there, and the weather to see if you want to go at that time. With seeding, you must be able to see the mountain and see a way to get there. We hold clearly the inner picture of what we want, and then we seed for it. This is a fast way to personal abundance.

The idea is much like programming the universal mind. (And if you haven’t heard the audio tape “Programming the Universal Mind,” it would be a good idea to listen to it.) Get what you want as detailed as you can—as tasty as you can taste it, as smelly as you can smell it. As much as you can, activate hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. Then activate the intuitive sense, so that you just know. And all that will start working to pull in what you want.

You can also do a collage, or “treasure map,” where you take pictures of what you’re seeding toward and put them on a board, or you can create an ideal scene with the creative imagination, or you can use the technique of programming the universal mind, or you can use all of them. These things are all extremely valuable.

If you have made a treasure map or collage but it didn’t work for you the way you wanted it to, it’s probably because you also didn’t seed for the things on it. You just envisioned what you wanted, and those things are still out there in your vision and never could show up. You have to make a path in order for them to come in, and they come in on dollars—or pesos or pounds, whatever is the medium of exchange.

If you want to seed for something intangible (for example, a relationship), you still need to put a value on it, and the only value we all can really agree upon is money, so you determine within you what that amount would be. Then you determine, again by going within, the amount to seed for the value you have placed on that intangible thing. If you want to seed for a spiritual quality, such as clarity, you have to see what clarity would be inside of you. If you think it is one thing and it’s actually much higher, you may not get what you seeded for. Or you may get the higher quality because God might know the intention of your heart beyond your ability to say it.

Knowing how you’re going to get there is not as critical as knowing that you’re going to get there and, in that, not having any doubts, any second thoughts—nothing except the holding and the acting as though it is going to happen. This is not sitting and thinking as though it might happen, but acting as though it is happening.

You state what you want very clearly. Then you claim it as already being here, which is conditioning the consciousness. To receive, you need to act as though you have it; this is the faith statement that it is already present. You get your purpose clear, and if you get at cross-purposes with yourself, if you undermine your seeding with doubt, your seeding rots and decays. It doesn’t bear good fruit.

It’s very important that you do not tell anyone the goal you’re seeding toward, that you are manifesting. Not your spouse, not your Siamese twin, because they can very subtly, through not seeing your vision, cast doubt upon what you’ve got. You’ll buy their doubt as your own doubt even if you don’t want to. Then when the negativity appears, they say, “See, I was right.” Then you may say to yourself, “Gee, I wonder if they really are right.” The god of opinion is now taking care of you and not the great abundant God. The god of opinion doesn’t deliver abundance, health, and prosperity. It delivers rip down, tear down, and alienation. That’s the law. The abundant God brings grace.

“As a man thinketh, in his heart he becomes.” We’re creators. We can create and see what we want and go for it. We can do the same thing negatively because this process of creation doesn’t care what we go toward. If you get negative doubts and thoughts, the process will manifest those for you. So in undertaking seeding, you must understand that it’s a real tightrope balance in terms of what you’re going to keep holding in your mind. If you start getting negative pictures or thoughts about something you’re seeding for, stop them immediately. Get up and walk around. Go work off the negativity with physical movement—throwing a baseball or running around the block. Then come back to what you want with a positive focus. You want to make sure you’ve got this thing going in the right direction all the time, and you have to watch your thoughts carefully.

There are parts of your consciousness that, if not addressed, will allow doubt to creep in. A little bit of doubt starts to grow into great negativity, until what you see is negativity. And the terrible news is that the doubt is also returned, based upon the principle “as you sow, so shall you reap.” Some of you people have taken that seriously enough to say, “Do you mean that what I’m getting now is what I put out a long time ago?” Exactly. “How far back?” How long have you existed? “Well, I don’t know.” Since you don’t know, start watching what you put out now. It’s such a key principle to say, “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.” It’s extremely important.

You might ask, “Can I seed for a hundred million dollars?” Absolutely. “Will I get it?” I don’t know. Can you have that vision working so you can really see and feel it coming to you? If you can’t, you probably won’t be getting that.

You can seed for as many things as you can hold a clear picture of in your consciousness. You have to watch this because it’s a pretty delicate balance that you’re maintaining in yourself with your environment. If you get caught in the greed of it, then you get to receive of the greed, and you may not receive what you wanted. Then you live in lack: “I lack; therefore, I have greed.” But if you have abundance, you don’t have lack, and, therefore, you don’t deal in greed. It often takes a while to transit across some of your old, habitual personality patterns, and seeding also assists you in getting free.
What do people get when they give? Sometimes, they just get the satisfaction of giving. Seeding has to give you the satisfaction of just doing it. You draw your picture and purposely design it. You tell it to God, and you release it to God. Then you go on about your business. And if you see something else you want, you seed again, and pretty soon the first one comes in and then the next. When does it come in? WHEN IT COMES IN. What if you don’t get it within a certain period of time? I would say that if it doesn’t start to return in about a month, look to yourself to see what happened. Maybe you need to be more patient. Maybe you need to seed again for that same thing. Go inside yourself to find out, because seeding is between you and God.

Energy follows thought. Thoughts persisted in produce the feeling in the heart and the character that we’re going to be developing. So seed with the real faith of the heart. You have to claim it, but you have to claim it in God’s time and love, which may not necessarily be yours. When you seed that way, with God as your partner, those things then take place. And the reason all this works is that you let go and give to God, joyfully and unconditionally.