After I sent in my first ever seed, I immediately started looking for that million-dollar Lotto to hit, which would bring me the answer to my seed — paying off my debts and ending my money worries forever. I did seed for other things, but always with a little uncertainty because I didn’t get my first seed. Then one night I started laughing uncontrollably as I realized that my first seed had been answered quite a while ago — not the way I had pictured it, but in a far more perfect way that only God can bring forward.

I have gotten my life together and have learned more discipline and become more practical in how I handle money. More importantly, I have learned to live in a consciousness of my own blessings rather than in an envious consciousness of looking at what others have and I don’t. I no longer worry about bills because they are paid as soon as they come in the mail.

How grateful I am to know that the blessings already are. And I am living proof.


I seeded for “wonderful, appreciative, qualified people, in love with our home, offering us great amounts of money to buy our home within the next two-three months, and willing to let us stay in the house until we are ready to move to Nebraska in February.” Would you believe…we had an offer for the FULL ASKING PRICE on day four, after placing the house on the market?! We had even asked for an amount $15,000 higher than our broker recommended. The buyers had a letter of pre-approval for financing and, though they wanted to take ownership in December, when we asked, they were completely amenable to passing papers in early February!!!

TALK ABOUT BLESSINGS!!!!! Thank you Spirit for these amazing manifestations of seeding requests.


People who haven’t been in the experience of tithing and seeding have no idea what they are missing and what a magical, mysterious process it is. It’s not about money; it’s a whole other process. A love affair develops with it. I would like to grab everybody and tell them how great this process is and that they just need to do it.

The other day someone came up to me and their life was going well and they said to me, “You taught me how to tithe.” I can’t tell you how good that felt to be of service in that way. It was as if my life were complete at that moment. I want to be clear that I am not a rich man. I am a very wealthy man. Many people look for the financial return, which can be an error in approach, as the return can be much bigger than that.


If someone is new to seeding, I highly recommend they seed for small things as a way to acquaint themselves with the process. Seeding calls on us to get clear on what we want to co-create with God. When seeding, we clarify within ourselves what we would like, always keeping in mind the highest good of all concerned. Practicing with small things can make this easier.

For successful small seeding, buy a piggy bank and start dropping in coins. Some personal favorites of mine are:

• Faith in seeding (a great way to begin the process)

• S.e.’s (putting change in before s.e.’s can really kick them in)

• Relief from pain

• Social occasions to be fun

• More humor

• Good, pleasant business meetings

• A delicious meal when eating out

• Loving (I want more love in me right now)

• A good night’s sleep (just before you go to bed, drop in a coin)


It’s a funny thing about this world, but even those people who are most likely to get what they want don’t seed because they say that they can’t afford to. I say that they can’t afford not to. I mean, if you’re that pinched and you’re feeling that contracted about money, how is money going to get to you? You’ve got to have an openness to money or you shut down the flow.

In order to get doubt working for me (it’s my ultimate test of how much I really want what I say I want), I have developed a daily choosing-back process that has been assisting me in some seeding successes. I call it “watering the seed” and for 32 consecutive days I water the seed by visualizing what I want, I see myself as having it, and I send in the additional seed money to MSIA. The key for me was to continue holding the vision of my seed manifesting — not just once with the initial planting — but for 32 consecutive days.

I don’t think I could have repeated the vision each day for more than a month if what I wanted was off-track for me. During the 32 days, my worthiness and willingness to receive grew stronger than the doubt. And as what I was seeding for came alive within my consciousness, the doubt became a lie.

After the 32 days of watering the seed, although I was inwardly directed to do additional watering at various times, it was clear my role was to relax and deepen my relationship to Spirit.

The seed manifested in the perfection of God’s timing and I am overflowing with gratitude and appreciation for the Traveler teaching me the keys to successful co-creation with God. Watering the seed has proven itself to me as a valuable tool to support me in manifesting my co-creations with God.


I’ve had several great seeding successes, including the one for my current husband, finances (resulting in unexpected income of $7,000), finding lost items, etc. But the seeding story that comes to mind was the time I seeded for a happy vacation with my husband.

Though it wasn’t the most expensive trip we ever took, it was the easiest and most relaxing. We stayed at a resort in Mexico that wasn’t crowded, on beautiful beaches and surrounded by nice day trips. There wasn’t a hard thing about it and my husband never looked better. It was the first time either of us had seen those incredible clear blue oceans and also the first time I managed to meditate while on vacation with him around 24/7. It worked.


When I seed, in order to hold the vision on what I want, I use my sanctuary. I have a garden in my sanctuary, which I call my seeding garden. And I see each seed manifesting as a rose. Each petal of the rose represents a quality or blessing. When I seed for money, I see it on a bush in my garden, much like a money tree. In addition, I also seed daily. It’s a small amount and these seeds are usually not for material things, but for qualities in my life such as aware spiritual exercises or good health. I see them on my rose bush and I go up to the roses and smell one of the petals and I take in the fragrance of that quality.


I had let doubt get in the way of my seeding. It wasn’t that I doubted that seeding would work; it was that I doubted whether I would do it right. I mean, you have to decide on something to seed for. Then you have to get clear on it. Then you have to decide how much to seed. Then you have to keep doubt out of it.

I didn’t seed for quite a while. Then one day I had an issue that I didn’t know how to handle. And in my desperation, I turned to seeding. Did I get what I seeded for? I don’t remember. Really. I seeded and let it go. I let go of it so well that I honestly don’t recall. And maybe that alone was worth the seeding — to release the troubling concern and the feeling of lack.

I also got rid of my hesitation to seed, because now that I’d done it, I realized that if I have the right attitude, I can’t do it wrong.