What to Expect
from Soul Awareness Discourses


A set of Soul Awareness Discourses consists of 12 booklets, one to study and contemplate each month of the year. As you read each Discourse, you can activate an awareness of your Divine essence and deepen your relationship with God.






Practical Spirituality



Through reading Discourses you are likely to find new and effective ways to deal with life’s daily concerns. Discourses offer practical keys to effectively manage relationships, finances, emotions, health, spirituality, and more.






The Wisdom
of the Heart


Spiritual in essence, Discourses are not in conflict with any religious beliefs you might hold. In fact, most people find that Discourses support and amplify the experience of whatever path, philosophy, or religion (if any) they choose to follow. Simply put, Discourses are about eternal truths and the wisdom of the heart.