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The Soul Awareness Teachings (SATs) are an annual subscription of audio seminars by MSIA founder John-Roger, available for instant download and/or streaming.

On the first of each month, a new John-Roger seminar is released as a SAT. The SAT seminars cover a wide variety of topics and are the perfect companion to support your journey of Soul Transcendence. Additionally, SAT subscribers can purchase any seminar from the extensive back-catalog of SAT seminars.

This is a remarkable opportunity to have access to new releases and infinite wisdoms shared by John-Roger.

On the first of each month, you will receive a reminder email to download your SAT or to listen to it on your MSIA App.

The seminars within the SAT Series are specially selected for an in-depth study of the Traveler’s teachings.

Most Downloaded SATs

In this seminar, John-Roger invites you to close your eyelids and breathe. Then, through visualization and affirmations, J-R takes you through your physical body from the hairs and skin at the top of your head to the littlest toenail, gently asking you to visualize and breathe into each part one by one and to relax the part. You find yourself affirming, “All the cells in my body are now working in perfect harmony.”

As you follow J-R’s sweet voice, you find yourself expanding those places of tension so the Light of healing can enter. You find yourself loving this gift you’ve been given to express with into the world: this physical body that serves you so well.

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With the artfulness of the master storyteller, John-Roger transports us through time and space with this seminar, recorded at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. Quoting excerpts from the Book of Daniel and using other Biblical references, he speaks of ancient and contemporary wars in the Middle East that are mere reflections of the wars taking place in the metaphysical realms. J-R explains the intercessory work being done at this time in human history by the Peace Awareness Training participants traveling with him.

“We’re not interceding as much as we’re attempting to pray, to put Light, to put love into the area,” he says, “to off-set, balance or cancel out the work of the prince of the power of the air. Which would be Satan or the devil. Somebody asked Jesus, ‘What is it that I can do?’ And He says, ‘Well, love God with your body, mind and Soul, and your neighbor as yourself and when you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it to me.’ “

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How is this world set up spiritually and what’s our role? How do guardian angels, masters, the karmic board, etc., fit in?

J-R outlines the hierarchy that works with the planet (and us) as its focus. He explains the three aspects of the consciousness and the levels of Spirit.

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What do you tell yourself you can do? You probably do those things. What do you tell yourself you can’t do? Those are probably the things you don’t do. How do you know you can’t do something? Is there some experience from your past that has conditioned you to believe that you can’t? Some pattern that has locked you into “I can’t”?

This seminar points to the negative pictures and messages we hold in our minds which block progress toward our future. In it, John-Roger shows how we can recondition ourselves to move toward “I can.”

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This seminar was given by John-Roger in 1973. J-R says, “Whenever regimentation takes place, we find out that rules are made by the negative power to keep people in line. Your Soul is imprisoned in your mind—which is a tool of the negative world—then you find yourself lost in your own mind and can’t step into the calmness and serenity of Spirit which is the only reality.”

How do you gain freedom from your mind? J-R uses his many tales of adventures in India to illustrate the nature of our captivity and the doorway to our freedom.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to put on an SAT your player and be instantly renewed, rejuvenated and revitalized…and then be gracefully transported into a state of joy?

Well, there is such a SAT. In this wonderful Soul Awareness MP3, John-Roger takes us on a journey of “epoch” proportions. Don’t miss being filled with joy!

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Do you find that things just aren’t working for you any more? You may be caught up in an energy pattern that no longer sustains you because it has been discontinued. In this seminar, J-R explains how to bridge the old energy pattern into the new by going forward, reaching toward tomorrow and consistently choosing the energy that uplifts you and supports your highest expression.

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What in the world are Spiritual Exercises? SE’s? If you are a SAT subscriber, you have probably mastered SE’s and live part of your life in Spirit every day. Oh. You don’t experience mastery? Well, this Q&A seminar will clear up a lot of questions for you.

John-Roger says about SE’s, “It’s like learning a foreign language; you have to tune yourself to how it’s being spoken and pretty soon you start to speak it.”

He answers questions like, “Are we being watched?“ J-R’s answer, by the way, is this, “Initiates of the Traveler are always being watched because the Traveler is inside of you and it’s always watching.” In addition, J-R answers questions like when to chant and when to listen, how to work with the Sound Current, and how to learn from our SE‘s. And if you’re curious about working with J-R in the levels above Soul, his answer is in there too, along with another of his reminders that it’s important to take care of ourselves.

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