Step Two

Let's Call in the Light

There are many techniques for asking for the Light, and the main idea is along these lines: If this is for my highest good and for theirs, then I would like the Light to be placed with me, with them, and with this situation. If your intention is clear that you are asking for the spiritual Light for the highest good, you can also just say, “Light.” This is the first thought in some people’s minds when they hear a siren or hear about a situation that is distressing or challenging in some way. Some people read the newspaper and listen to news on TV, and in their consciousness is “Light”for all they read, hear, or see. After Calling in the Light, you may want to chant a few times the Hu or Ani-Hu.

When you chant, you can pronounce Hu like the name Hugh or say the sounds of the individual letters H and U.

Ani-Hu is a variation of the Hu chant. Pronounced “ahn-eye-hu,” it is also an invocation to God with an added dimension that brings in the quality of empathy and oneness with others.

These tones open the centers in the head. In MSIA, we do not work in any level below the upper part of the third eye. This is not because the energy of the centers below that is “bad” but because the most direct path to Soul Transcendence is through the top two centers.

The Light works the way it works. It doesn’t always work the way you think it should work or the way you would like it to work. It is the most powerful force on the planet and the most powerful force in your life.

John-Roger, DSS