Step Four

Sound Current

The sound of the current that comes out of the heart of God we refer to as the Sound Current. And if we were using an acronym for that we would say Speaking–Of-Ultimates-Now-Divine. It’s a much higher quality than the Light. We see the Light when we are working in the realms of light in the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric realms, and it’s very beautiful.

When you get in the Soul Realm, then you hear the Light, and that is the Sound Current. You hear it in a very special sound. Sometimes it sounds like about four billion violins playing harmonious notes. It’s a quality that can’t be placed into words.

Once you hear the Sound Current or you have been connected to it, and you’re traveling the inner levels of Light, you just keep the light in front of you and you listen to the sound. And you can follow it back through the levels into the ocean of love and mercy. Therefore you’re guiding yourself right back into the consciousness of this thing we call God. 

That seems to be a word that doesn’t really suffice either, but, for lack of a better word, let’s say that’s where it is. It’s been called “Father-Mother-God,” it’s been called “it,” it’s been called a lot of things. But the essence is that it exists when everything else does not. It is that which we came from. And so, the value of the Sound Current becomes tremendously more important than the quality of Light, because you can live without the Light. Once you’ve seen it, you can turn from it. But once you have partaken of the Sound Current, you can never live without it. It fills your every beingness. It becomes the word made flesh within you. It becomes everything in totality. And you could live without food and water and air before you could live without this sound, this stream of the Sound Current that comes down to us.