Step Six

Soul Awareness Discourses

A Course in Soul Transcendence

Soul Awareness Discourses are the heart of MSIA’s teachings. They offer many practical keys for successful living. Even more important, they offer keys to greater spiritual awareness and knowledge of the Soul.

MSIA’s approach is to present activities, tools, and techniques that direct us toward the Spirit. Its foundation is loving, and it is in that spirit that we invite you to participate with us in whatever way that works for you.

For people who want a consistent, deeper approach to their own spiritual unfoldment, Soul Awareness Discourses offer practical keys to effectively manage relationships, finances, emotions, health, spirituality and more.

We have a 50% offer for the first year of Discourses. 


Check if it works for you

Discourses often leads to better health, greater wealth, more loving relationships, and knowing God as a living reality in your life. We invite you to experience Discourses and check if it works for you.

Discourses teach you how to travel the high realms of Light. You don't have to die to inherit the kingdom of heaven. You can have it while you are awake, right here and now. - John-Roger, DSS

John-Roger, DSS