This self-paced course will introduce you to the keys to Soul Transcendence and the path of study taught through the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. It takes just a few minutes to go through each Key and includes a variety of reading, audio clips, and short videos.

Through these 7 Keys of Soul Transcendence we are presenting you with an introduction to the practice of Soul Transcendence as taught through the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA).

Each “key” is approximately 1-3 minutes long and they consist of reading, audio, and video. Enjoy!


Soul Transcendence

Beyond your body, mind, and emotions, there is the Soul. Soul Transcendence is a journey of traveling into and above the consciousness of Soul—into the oneness of God—where you see things in perspective, attune to Spirit, and release karma.

Soul Transcendence is an active process and a positive state of being. It lights a path for you to become established in Soul consciousness and beyond, where you are freed from creating more karma, and can break the cycle of incarnation.


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Spiritual Exercises

Spiritual Exercises (also called s.e.’s) are an active meditation technique of holding the mind steady and quieting the emotions by using a spiritual tone or vibration–specifically Hu, Ani Hu, or your initiatory tone–to connect to the energy that flows from God throughout all existence.
Spiritual Exercises are one of the primary ways that we practice Soul Transcendence and learn to attune to God in MSIA. The time spent doing spiritual exercises is typically divided into periods of chanting and periods of listening. You are listening within for the Sound Current, which is very subtle.


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The Sound Current

The Sound Current is the basis of all life. It is the audible stream of energy that comes from the heart of God. Once you have tasted or drunk of the waters of the audible life stream, the Sound Current, you can never live without that again. You have set your foot upon the path of returning into the Supreme God.


The best way to listen to the Sound Current is to draw your attention to one place so that you focus into the intention–then let the intention listen to the Sound. The intention will listen, and it will hear what you need to hear. Once you catch the Sound, don’t chase after it, because your mind will scatter it and then you won’t know what you are listening to.

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Students in MSIA are initiated into the Sound Current, which includes 33 different realms, each with their own name or tone of God:


The 1st initiation is to the Physical realm, which takes place when a person is born

The 2nd initiation is to the Astral realm, which deals with the imagination

The 3rd initiation is to the Astral realm, which deals with the emotions

The 4th initiation is to the Mental realm, which deals with the mind

The 5th initiation is to the Etheric realm, which deals with the unconscious

The 6th initiation is to the Soul realm, which is who you truly are

There 27 additional initiations above Soul


Studying Toward Initiation

In MSIA, before being initiated into the Causal realm, a person needs to have studied the Soul Awareness Discourses for at least two years.


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Soul Awareness Discourses are a course in Soul Transcendence. They are a foundational path for studying in MSIA and provide practical techniques for connecting with Spirit, aligning with the power of your Soul, and living more successfully in the world.


Each monthly Discourse shares a teaching on Soul Transcendence. The first year course of study includes topics such as Sending the Light, Acceptance, The Law of Cause and Effect, Responsibility, Working Your Ten Percent, Overcoming Discouragement.


Spiritual in essence, Discourses are not in conflict with any religious beliefs you might hold. In fact, most people find that Discourses support and amplify the experience of whatever path, philosophy, or religion (if any) they choose to follow. Simply put, Discourses are about eternal truths and wisdoms of the heart.


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The Mystical Traveler Consciousness

The Mystical Traveler Consciousness (often called the Traveler) is the name given to a spiritual consciousness that exists throughout all levels of God’s creation. It resides within each person and is a guide into the higher levels of

Spirit– the greater reality of God. John Morton physically “anchors” the Mystical Traveler Consciousness on the planet. And both John and John-Roger, the founder of MSIA, work spiritually with those studying in MSIA.


The work of the Traveler can be very subtle and may come to you in ways such as as a beautiful purple light or a deep sense of peace and calm. The Traveler never inflicts on you and simply acts as a guide, always working in accordance with your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. The promise of the Traveler is to assist initiates in clearing karma, breaking the cycle of incarnation, becoming established in the Soul realm, and upon physical death, lifting the consciousness to the high realms of pure Spirit.


It’s Not Separate From You

It is important that you understand this: the Mystical Traveler Consciousness is not something separate from you. It is a consciousness that is present within each person on all the levels of consciousness, and each person’s inner journey is an awakening to the Mystical Traveler on all the levels, up into the very heart of God, the center of living love.


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