Tithing is a spiritual law given by God to humankind to assist people in finding abundance, fulfillment, and gratitude in their everyday lives. The law of tithing is to give 10 percent of one’s increase back to God, with God represented on the physical level by the source of one’s spiritual teachings — often a church, synagogue, mosque, or a spiritual teacher.

MSIA teaches tithing as a spiritual practice to put God first in your life. We invite you to learn more about tithing by reading our eBooks, God is Your Partner and the three volume series Living the Spiritual Principles of Abundance and Prosperity.



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What Others Are Saying About Tithing


I just feel secure whenever I'm tithing. Whatever is going on with my finances, whether I've had a job or I haven't, it's the thing that's helped me the most not to worry.

- Alethea Lamb

(Tithing) is really a recognition that this is not mine, this is not coming from me. If there is abundance in my life, then Spirit is creating that and it's about me working with Spirit to allow that to come forward.

- Patricia Echeverria

When I'm feeling stressed about money and then I tithe, my stress goes away and I relax. When I tithe, I give myself the gift of inner peace.

- David Whitaker

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