Q: Do you have doctrinal statements on what you believe? We would like to tithe but are careful on where we tithe.

Our theology is very simple. Out of God come all things. God loves all of its creation. Not one Soul will be lost.

Our practice is equally as simple. Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others. Use everything for your upliftment, learning, and growth.

Our philosophy is to use what works for us and let go of anything that is no longer working.

They are simple but profound. Learn more about our Key Teachings. 


Q: I have tithed and instead of things getting better it gets complicated. My husband has been fired from 3 jobs in less than a year, his car got damaged and we have no money to fix it. Can you explain why it doesn’t work for us to tithe?

Thank you for your question. I can only offer my opinion and you can see what fits for you. When I have seen this type of thing occur it usually happens for one of two reasons:

1) A negative reason

The person tithing did so out of obligation and not out of gratitude. So they may feel a little resentment. In that way tithing can work as well negatively as it does positively. That is why I recommend that the tithe be given gratefully, joyfully, and unconditionally.

2) A positive reason

In tithing we are opening up in a greater way to God’s abundance. In order for us to receive in this new way, the old ways need to go and sometimes it can involve a loss of a job or an accident that forces us to re-evaluate our lives and our focus. A clue as to what is going on can be found in looking at the blessings that have come from the loss of job or the accident.

I hope the above can give you ways of looking into what is happening in your lives as the result of tithing.


Q: I haven’t found my endless supply yet. I would appreciate your comments and support.

You don’t have to look for it–it is present. Right here, right now. Worry is a future projection and therefore is not present and endless supply cannot be found there.

It is all about your inner relationship with God. The act of tithing affirms and activates your Partnership with God in a greater way, because you are placing God first in your life. I am not saying you will suddenly be financially wealthy, but it is highly likely that you will have more blessings than you ever thought possible. That has been mine and many others’ experience and to me that is worth it all.


Q: Is giving to someone for their physical needs, like food, medical, etc., a tithe?

No, it’s more like an offering or donation. In the hierarchy of giving, tithing is at the top. It is giving to God (in practice, God’s representative on this level) 10 percent of your harvest or increase. After that giving is fulfilled, then donations or offerings can be given. You must check this information, test it, and see if it fits for you.


Q: Your Q&A on tithing was very informative, but did not answer a question I’m wondering about. If income is only pension and social security, do you tithe on this income since it came, or was calculated from past earnings?

Generally, if you have tithed on your gross income and you are now receiving what has been deducted (a tax refund for example), then there is no need to tithe on it.

If you are receiving something more than what was deducted, then you need to tithe on that extra amount. In the case of social security, if you were an employee, keep in mind that your employer was also contributing for you outside of your paycheck and you would not have tithed on that. I know it is a little complex, but keep in mind that God knows the intention of your heart, so I would do what seems the clearest to you.