About the Film

Running from mistakes of the past, a man finds a secret book with ancient powers–a tool that can give him the answers he seeks. But a Dark Force has been awoken… one that will stop at nothing to reclaim the sacred text. When the book is stolen, an age-long battle resumes. But his teacher, a “Wayshower”, can only show him the path to victory, for he must win this epic battle on his own.

Written and Directed by
John-Roger, DSS … (co-director and co-writer)
Jsu Garcia, DSS … (co-director and co-writer)

Eric Roberts … as Parley Hinkins
Peter Stormare … as the Prince of Doubt
Sally Kirkland … as Jeena
Jsu Garcia … Jesus
Howard Lazar … as Older J-R

Release Date

Run Time
1 hour 30 minutes