The focal or anchor point of your attention in this exercise is your breath. By focusing on your breath, you maintain an awareness of this physical level while you move into a state of deep relaxation and traverse the inner realms.

You can do this breathing meditation anywhere at almost any time. It is particularly good if you are in situations where you are experiencing stress or anxiety. The breathing meditation calms you and brings in self control and direction that is most beneficial.

“Find the harmony. Life is as simple as breathing in and breathing out. Once you find the rhythm of that, you can follow it through. If you could gain just that discipline and hold it, you would start overcoming all of this physical world.” John-Roger, DSS.

  • 1
    Call in the Light for Yourself

    In this breathing meditation, sit comfortably with your eyes closed, ask to be surrounded, protected, and filled with the Light for the highest good, and focus on your breathing, in and out. This is your reference point; this is your focal point.

  • 2
    Focus on Your Breath

    You can focus on your breath at the stomach chakra, the chest, the nose, the throat, the mouth – wherever you sense your own breathing. You might not focus on any part of your body; you might just sit and be aware of your breath. You don’t need to have any thoughts at all.

    You may find it helpful to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

  • 3
    If You Come to a Block...

    If you come to a block in the flow of energy that doesn’t seem to release, continue concentrating on your breathing. Keep track of that as your reference point.

  • 4
    Keep Your Attention on Your Breathing

    You may start to hear sounds within your consciousness. Don’t let that distract or bother you. Keep your attention on your breathing. You may start moving within your own consciousness, and then find yourself completely back in the physical world. It’s easy to feel that you’re not getting anywhere when this happens; don’t let that stop you. Go right back to your breath again.

  • 5
    Keep Focusing on Your Breathing

    If you start having dreams or focusing on images while you’re doing this exercise, you have lost track of focusing on your breath. You can experience some strange things during this meditation as accumulated tensions and conditioned blocks break away.

    The release can cause unusual images to flash through your consciousness. There is no need to react. Just keep focusing on your breathing.

    You may feel your head getting lighter and lighter, as though you’re being lifted up. This is your consciousness expanding.

    You may start rocking back and forth with the energy of the Light that is present. Don’t try to stop it.

    Your job is very simple: keep focusing on your breathing.

  • 6
    Use Your Breath as Your Reference Point

    The idea is that whatever you see, whatever you hear, whatever sensations you feel, whatever you experience, you hold your breathing steady and use it as your point of concentration that remains constant as all other things shift.

    You are using the familiarity of your breath as your reference point while you travel into your own inner realms.

    You’ll be surprised at the peace and calm that can result from this exercise.

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