The Mystical Traveler Consciousness (often called the Traveler) is the name given to a spiritual consciousness that exists throughout all levels of God’s creation. It resides within each person and is a guide into the higher levels of Spirit – the greater reality of God. John Morton physically “anchors” the Mystical Traveler Consciousness on the planet at this time.

Writing to John Morton is a way of bringing the Light into a situation and asking for the Traveler’s assistance. The Traveler receives the message and hears your prayers as you write them out.

You can write a letter to the Traveler about anything you want. Just follow the simple instructions below.

  • 1
    Make Sure You Have What You Need

    A pencil or pen and a piece of paper will suffice. Or, if you prefer to type, you can use your computer. You might want to light a candle before you begin.

  • 2
    Call Yourself Forward into the Light

    Before you begin, Call in the Light for yourself. Simply relax and evoke the loving within.

  • 3
    Write Your Letter

    Since the Traveler’s work is done on the spiritual levels, there often is no need for a physical-level response to your letter. If anything can be done at that time–if anything is permitted by Spirit in the situation–it is done and will be done. And sometimes (in the minority of cases), there will be a written response back to the person. But this is often not needed.

    “Write down what you think you don’t know, and ask for clarity. Ask whom? The knower within you. You may be surprised to find the answers coming forth and freeing you from fears and limitations.” John-Roger, DSS.

  • 4
    After You Write

    After you write to the Traveler, it is important that you then either burn or mail it so that your consciousness releases it and opens up more to the assistance of the Mystical Traveler. You may receive a response inwardly about what you have written, often within minutes or hours of mailing or burning your letter.

  • 5
    Contact Info

    If you write a letter that you want to send to John Morton, it works best to do it via email, using this address:

    And if you email, please be sure to include your full name, city, and state (and country if you live outside the U.S.). And please put your letter into the body of the email, not an attachment.

    All you have to do is turn inside to find that the Traveler never goes away. It’s always with you. It is always present. It’s always there for you, as you.
    —John-Roger, DSS

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