The Mystical Traveler Consciousness is freedom. It expresses freedom and gives freedom. Its nature is love, joy, and upliftment. It brings health, wealth, and happiness on the physical level, calm to the emotional level, peace to the mental level, ability to the unconscious level, and the fulfillment of all the dreams to the spiritual level.

John-Roger has said it’s important to remember that the Traveler is not something separate from you. It’s a consciousness that is within each person. Each person’s inner spiritual journey is an awakening to the Traveler on all levels, up into the very heart of God.

To get an idea of how the Traveler works with people, you could think of climbing a mountain, say Mount Everest. If reaching the top of it were your goal, you might want to climb with the assistance, suggestions, encouragement, and guidance of someone who has already climbed it and knows the way.

Similarly, the Traveler Consciousness is one who knows the way “up the mountain” to the Soul level and above, who can guide and assist you spiritually. Still, though, the climb is always yours. You are the one who does it.

To be an initiate of the Traveler is to devote yourself to the God within you and to devote yourself to Spirit. It’s returning to your true home, the Soul, from which you originally came before you incarnated onto this earth. For more on how the Traveler works with people, you might listen to John-Roger’s seminar “The Divine Communion.”

FAQs about the Mystical Traveler

Why is the spiritual consciousness that works with students in MSIA called “The Mystical Traveler”?

It doesn’t have to be called that. It was given a term so that it could be referred to in speaking and writing. Also, mystical means “having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence,” and traveler refers to one who goes on a trip or journey. The Traveler exists on all levels of consciousness and can go (travel) with people into areas of consciousness that are not apparent to the senses or obvious to the intellect (mind).

I am hesitant about working with the Traveler because I don’t want to submit myself to anyone else.

You are wise to be wary of submitting yourself to any person. John Morton and John-Roger are not interested in having anyone submit to them. When a person participates in MSIA and works with the Mystical Traveler, that person is, if anything, “submitting” to themselves, to the Christ within, to the God within. And that is really a joyous surrender to love.

I still don’t understand what the Mystical Traveler is.

There’s really no way to “understand” the Mystical Traveler Consciousness and how that works, etc., from this physical level. That’s like trying to perceive the infinite with the finite mind. Where you’ll grow to know the Traveler is in your heart. When that love becomes more and more present for you, it will work for you, and then the understanding will come from an intuitive place, not from the mind. The Traveler lives in you, as you, as that divine part of you. So when someone “worships” the Traveler, they are worshiping the God that is ever-present. The worship never belongs to anyone’s physical form or personality, and if it is placed there, it is in incorrectly placed.