Step One

What is Soul Transcendence?

The Soul is that essence of each person that is a pure extension of God. The mind, emotions, and body are elements that the Soul has taken to itself in order to experience those levels of existence. In the course of your journey on Earth, it is possible for you to learn not to be held in bondage or restricted by your body, emotions, or mind. And when these lower levels are transcended, that which is left is Soul. Eventually, as the journey back to God continues, Soul will also be transcended, and there will be only God.

Through Soul Transcendence, you can move in the Soul body above the cause-and-effect fields. From that level, you do not produce more karma in your life, so this lifetime may be your last one in this field of consciousness. The path of Soul Transcendence is for everyone, though not necessarily at this time, and each person will walk it at the time they choose. So, it is up to you to decide whether it is for you now.
From John-Roger, the founder of MSIA: