What is Seeding?

Seeding is a form of amplified prayer to God for something you wish to manifest in your life. You place a “seed” by giving an amount of money you decide to the source of your spiritual teachings.

Seeding is one of the most profound, best-kept secrets in the Bible. It’s a way to involve God as your partner. The essence of seeding is to claim what you are seeding for as having taken place, for the highest good. For more information on seeding, visit www.msia.org/seeding.


How to Seed

  1. Envision anything you want to manifest in any area of your life, such as a new relationship, better health or finances, greater clarity on a situation, more loving, etc.
  2. When the outcome and the amount to seed feels clear and aligned inside of you, put it in the Light for the highest good and claim inwardly that you have received it. See yourself in the picture.
  3. With joy and an attitude of gratitude, send your seed as a donation to the source of your spiritual teachings.

Trust that it is now in God’s hands, and God will bring it forward for you in whatever way is for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.


Learn More About Seeding

You can also seed for a loved one by sending an MSIA Seeding Card

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