Abundance, Preferences and the Highest Good

By: Kim Watkinson

April 12th, 2019

A wish is a dream your heart makes.
– Cinderella


The stuff of fairy tales? Think again. With her simple techniques, Dr. Inez Bishop has helped countless clients discover their Prince Charming and find their happily ever after.

The popular counselor’s system works. Dr. Inez’s fantasies of a European castle vacation and exquisite house manifested with ease. Plus, many moons after a crush on Russell Bishop, she married him!

The power couple offered their secrets to success at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G) on Tuesday, March 26th. Dr. Inez Bishop and Russell Bishop are the latest in the string of star facilitators conducting the monthly PAL&G workshops on Abundance. (Google the Bishops or Nick Segal to find out more.)

For starters, “There’s a difference between what you want and the experience you want,” says Russell. He poses a question to ponder, “What is my experience while making the money and as a result of making the money?”

Probably preaching to the choir here; but it’s a good reminder, right? It’s important to access the desired inner experience before going after the outer expression.

“I’ve seen miraculous things happen just by writing it down,” says Dr. Inez. “At the top of every (ideal scene) list, I write ‘This or something better for the Highest Good.’”

Very wise indeed. With the caveat, you don’t get the Ferrari with the exorbitant insurance you can’t afford. You do get the envisioned image or something better with God’s blessing!

Here’s how Dr. Inez makes dreams come true:

    1. At the top of a blank page; write:
      This or something better for the Highest Good
    2. Right under the God-you-know-what’s-best clause: Write the affirmation,
      I’m experiencing miracles and my seemingly impossible good is happening now.
    3. Stay in gratitude for what is present while waiting for the gift.
    4. Surround yourself with what “lifts your energy and brings you joy.”
      (Dr. Inez warns against sardonic cartoons and photos. While humorous, you could manifest the darker side of a sarcastic image.)
    5. Be mindful says Dr. Inez: “Whatever we focus upon we tend to create.”
    6. Any concerns that pop up while writing down an ideal scene can be vanquished with an awesome affirmation. (Depending on the size of the gremlin-thought, you may need to repeat it more than a few times.)
    7. Besides reframing challenging thoughts, Dr. Inez says seeding does wonders for the clearing of negative beliefs. (Helpful for healing relationships and manifesting miracles, too.) Click here to learn about seeding.
    8. Clip photos that serenade your spirit from calendars and magazines. Or Ctrl + C dreamy images off your computer.
    9. Set aside me-time. Play music. (Dr. Inez likes Carl Wilson’s Heaven.) Light candles. Spray the air with lavender, lemon or sea-breeze. Whatever strikes that flame of truth, of the Supreme Self.
    10. Select the clipped pictures that ignite YOU.
    11. Assemble in an arrangement you love.

“We can put forward preferences,” says Dr. Inez, “but best to let Spirit guide [the process.]”

Russell adds, “Pay attention to what is speaking inside.”

Maybe that is the Divine secret.

The next Abundance Event at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens is on Tuesday, April 23rd: Abundance: Wealth ConsciousnessLearn more at msia.org/abundance.

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