J-R Marathon at Prana and Online, Saturday January 14, 2012

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January 17th, 2012

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On Saturday, January 14, 2012, Jsu Garcia facilitated a Spiritual Spa Day at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens featuring John-Roger video seminars, also broadcast around the world on Ustream. John-Roger attended in person! John Morton was present too. Here are sharings and photos from the event:

From Nathalie Franks, London …
At the beginning of the marathon when Jsu announced that JR was present and showed his face on the video camera I was overwhelmed.. When we started chanting the Ani Hu, I felt so blessed to have JR with us as the marathon began. The Light came in so powerfully, knowing that the two Travelers were physically present was such a treat. Thank you to all that made this available over the internet.
God bless us all.

Nathalie Franks

From Kay Tucker, Missouri
Thank you. This is wonderful!
Kay Tucker

From Jennifer Halet, Lake Arrowhead
Good Job! Greetings from Lake Arrowhead @ the Merrimack house.
Jennifer Halet and Carlos Saenz

From Jen Jacobs, Australia,
Dear everyone who created our marathon.
In Australia, it’s sacred Sunday & this was a sweet profound way to do nothing but do SEs & love J-R & give thanks until the finish line!
 You are awesome… gratitude & gratitude.. it’s amazing to be able to join in!

Loving & Light, Jen Jacobs

From Donna Walton, San Diego
Loving to all of you that made this possible and devoted yourselves to bringing this to us online. It was an awesome experience to be so connected to the traveler. 
God bless you all.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Donna Walton

From Fantine Tho, Netherlands
Much Light to the evening.
 It was nice joining from The Netherlands.

 The documentary seems promising, many blessings to that.
Thanks for the opportunity
Fantine Tho

From Kim Guisinger, Prana
I am sooo excited we are doing these marathon J-R videos. And to have them at Prana was just the best!!! It felt like the “old days” — the high energy, the expectation, if you will (of the Spirit that shows up in Satsang), the fellowship of hangin’ together with others while we are blissfully hangin’ with Spirit. And who knows what inner ministry (I almost wrote the word ‘mystery’…hmm) we are doing right now as the Christ ushers in even more onto this dear planet.
To me, the most special thing is it’s like enlivening for us something we already knew but perhaps have gotten a little away from — that the recorded seminars (and all the material really – the books, cds, etc) — contain the live, living teachings!!!! It’s like a reminder that if we want to have that incredible Satsang — we don’t have to wait for a live event with the Travelers physically present — we can have it through many, many ways if we simply recognize this and bring our best best energy to it — then Spirit matches!!! Yeah. And having our Beloved Travelers present live, well of course, that is the best, the icing on the cake — and having J-R present in the room Saturday was precious, sacred, a treasure. Don’t know what brought J-R there physically. But to me, I took it as J-R energizing this “new” “old” experience!
Thank you to Jsu for all you are doing. Thank you to all who put this together. Thank you so much, Beloved, John-Roger. And to each of us who participate!

Blessings, Kim

From Susan Skelton, Australia
Today was amazing. Thank you.
Susan Skelton

From Ingrid Fassbinder, Brazil
I am grateful to be with you in Love & Light
I am deeply moved, Thanks for the loving, I love all of you,
Big hug to J-R & JM
Ingrid Fassbinder

From Denise Lumiere, Prana
Attending the J-R Video Marathon was a gift. From the moment I arrived, I was sailing. The energy lifted me and I am so amazed at the content of these videos every time I see them. I lately have been more tuned in than ever that each sentence sometimes deserves a repeat to let it all sink in. We lucked out that JR was present, so his energy permeated the room. But I am totally aware that this kind of marathon, is a moment to lift higher in our consciousness whether he’s physically present or not. The energy builds and as it always seems around MSIA, the peace in my heart grows and everything else falls away. I am now a true fan of the marathons as I think we are not only lifting ourselves, but by our lifting, we are spreading this joy to the rest of the world and beyond. My experience was that it is like going for a day to Living in Grace. That powerful! That’s awesome!

If you have trouble viewing the slideshow below, click here to view the photos on Flickr

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