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A Day of Peace at Windermere Ranch

“Windermere Ranch has an essence of peace in the land. It’s been blessed. That peace that surpasses understanding is the peace of God that is in us.”
-John-Roger, DSS

On March 25, we held a beautiful “Day of Peace” at Windermere Ranch. It started with sharing and a Peace Walk on the land, followed by lunch and then a peace seminar at the Garden House. Here is a report from one of the event coordinators, Matt VanFossan, testimonials from participants, and photos.  Enjoy!  Thanks to Matt, MJ Love, and Debbie Roth for organizing the day, and to all those who participated.

 Note: the next event at Windermere is a John-Roger Marathon on April 29-30, hosted by Jsu Garcia.   Click here for details.

From Matt VanFossan:

What a sublime day of Peace! We gathered together in the barn and shared our intentions for peace. We blessed the newly cleaned-out barn with lit candles and glowing hearts. We put our love into the land, the chickens, and each other as we walked to the Quelin rocks. As we bathed in their healing radiance, we listened to a profound peace visualization from Leigh Taylor-Young Morton. As we did so, the peace of the meditation and within our hearts blessed the land and surrounding areas.  After a delicious outdoor lunch, we finished the day in the Garden House with a sweet and heartfelt MSIA seminar on peace that began with all of us saying J-R’s nine magic words of peace together, “I love you. God bless you. Peace, be still.” And so it was.

Thank you to everyone who planned, attended, or sent Light for this magical day! I know in my heart that the blessings brought forward extended far beyond the group of us present on the land. I personally was tremendously energized and uplifted. I’m already planning my next trip to Windermere for the John-Roger seminar marathon with Jsu Garcia at the end of April!

And from other participants…

 From Anna Sugai:

Going to Windermere was definitely one of my dreams before coming to LA. The amazing shots from David Sand transmitted the richness and the blessings of that land. I was crazy to go because of the horses as well.

The experience of being in Windermere and participating on the Peace Walk touched my heart. The rooms, the land, the rocks, the animals, the peace. I could experience it all. I could see J-R’s energy all over the place.

When we were blessing the barn with the candles, I could really partake of the service that is being a channel to the Light and the Love. I was touched by the places where the horses used to stay. It was just very cool and joyful to be there. I also loved J-R and Sai Baba picture that stays in the barn.

Thanks to Matt & Rita, MJ, Debbie, David Sand, George, Lynn, and all the people that were there that day. The peace was really present. I so look forward to my next visits to Windermere!!!


From Kay Turbak:

When I was younger, I was attuned to what I called The Everywhere Spirit, an omniscient, omnipotent Presence who created and resided in all things and all people.  The stressors and exigencies of daily living somewhat dampened my awareness of this greater Reality. Attending the March 25th “peace activities” at Windermere Ranch near Santa Barbara, I had the amazing opportunity to reconnect to The Everywhere Spirit, resurrect and (as an answer to a prayer) “restore myself to Peace.”

Having chosen Restoration as a Quality of Peace after the IIWP Gathering of Peacemakers at Conference 2016, I had an “idea” of how I wanted Restoration to take place. While at Windermere on March 25th, my mental constructs disappeared as I gently melted into an experience of deep relaxation and a consciousness of pure being (rather than my familiar “I need to be doing something” mode). Walking the property blissfully and listening to what the land was whispering to me, petting Joker the donkey, reconnecting with old friends and meeting someone new, setting my Intention for Peace, sitting in a seminar sat sang as we drank from John-Roger’s cup of wisdom – how priceless were the gifts presented to me, and how receptive and accepting I was to just “be” in the energy and majesty of Windermere. Perhaps my greatest learning was that Restoration is not a zombie state of inactivity or sleep, but an active, engaged dynamic of being vitally alive and fully open to the Peace that is eternally Present.


From David Sand:

J-R’s energy has charged us through initiation, ministerial ordination, sometimes through touch, sometimes through an eerily accurate few words that sum up our whole lives, both positive and negative. He’s charged classes and workshops like the DSS and PAT trainings. He’s charged animals with certain spiritual qualities, and if you’ve ever encountered some of the animals who lived with him at Mandeville, you may have found that there’s something strangely super-animal, almost human in their eyes. He’s also charged pieces of land. MSIA properties like Windermere, Prana, Lake Arrowhead and Mandeville have an energy that, in my experience, can alter consciousness and heal just by hanging out there. It’s amazing to sit on a piece of land that’s outwardly no different from any other section of dirt, and observe a calming, balancing and lifting of psychic and physical illness. It’s also amazing how few people take advantage of what’s there—which, when you think about it, is similar to everything in MSIA. It’s so clear it’s hard to see. You look right through it. And like any type of radiation, its power is invisible, so that you look around and think everything is normal and unchanged until a few hours or days or weeks later and your whole life is different.

Each of these properties has its own personality, its own flavor of spiritual energy. To me, Windermere brings clarity, peace and harmony to all levels. While the other properties seem to lift me out of my body, Windermere flows energy in all directions, from the highest to the lowest. With that comes a bringing of life patterns into focus, a clarity about issues and next steps, and the entire life path from past to future. It’s a macro, big-picture lift. It’s a wind that’s both roaring and gentle, that blows through everything in the consciousness, so that all the parts of me are touched, sorted, and moved into peaceful relationship with the other parts, and only what’s stable remains standing. We did peace meditations there, in the barn, the Garden House and in “Quelin,” an area of Windermere where big rocks overlook Santa Barbara and the Pacific. J-R has said that the rocks have a healing energy.

For me it was part of an extended stay to do photography. Words like “powerful” or “transformative” aren’t adequate to describe the experience. I recommend you go up for a few hours or a day or two and see what happens. It seems to me that something always does happen, which is why I go to MSIA events and properties. I tell people, “I’m going because I know something is going to happen.” That’s quite rare in this world, where most of what goes on is cyclical and oriented towards stasis or homeostasis. Something will happen up there, something will move. It’s a movement (of spiritual inner awareness).


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