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Living Love: From the Spiritual Heart PDF

Living Love: From the Spiritual Heart

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Starting with "love is the essence of all creation," John-Roger also says that loving is the deepest truth about each person. He encourages people to live from love; even more than that, the rare sweetness of expression in the book is itself loving and can help awaken a person to the experience that "all love is within you."

The book's 12 chapters touch on such areas as spiritual exercises, living the loving, death, relationships with others, how love can help people through life's challenges, and the importance of service.

Love is the keynote of John-Roger's 40 years of teaching about living a life deeply in touch with the Spirit, and this inspirational book goes to the heart of his teachings and the heart of its readers.

"God’s name is living love, and these are the actions of love: increase your Light, continue your development, be a joy to everyone you see, lift yourself continually. Do everything with your attention on getting a smile on your face and love in your eyes. Look at everything through love. Do everything in God’s name, and you will be walking straight towards God."

God Bless You!


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