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Spiritual Warriors: The Movie

Spiritual Warriors: The Movie

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'Spiritual Warriors' the movie is inspired by Dr. John-Roger's LA Times #1 bestselling book 'Spiritual Warrior'.

Written and produced by Dr. John-Roger and Jsu Garcia, 'Spiritual Warriors' tells the story of one man's spiritual awakening. Finn, an out-of-work actor, is inspired by the chance meeting with his spiritual teacher Roger, and the many subsequent adventures they discover together, take them both across the globe and deep within themselves. Through the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Holy Lands of the Middle East ... to Atlantis and other ancient lands ... Finn traverses past lives as he unravels past hurts, confronts great inner battles, and arrives at the great love and peace, found only deep within ourselves.

Now screened in over 35 cities across 15 countries, 'Spiritual Warriors' has been enlightening and uniting audiences around the globe, receiving rave reviews and support, including:

"SPIRITUAL WARRIORS is a mind-bending, consciousness-raising trip very much worth taking. A dramatic story, a stunning visual journey, and a life lesson all rolled into one. It's a special effects movie about creating your own destiny, but the most special effect is the way it makes you feel. See it twice." - Straw Weisman, Associate Producer, WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW!?

"SPIRITUAL WARRIORS is a terrific voyage. A memorable journey through the light and dark of our lives and ultimately to hope. I loved it." - Victor Salva, Director, PEACEFUL WARRIOR and POWDER

"Jsu Garcia's outstanding work in SPIRITUAL WARRIORS is intense and solid." - Beverly Cohn, Santa Monica Mirror

"Spiritual cinema's got a new and unruly prodigal son. SPIRITUAL WARRIORS is alternative action entertainment, a baroque roller coaster ride of heartfelt metaphysics teamed with blockbuster ambitions. One of the gutsiest, and most entertaining (of recent New Age Films)" - Carl Schroeder,

"SPIRITUAL WARRIORS is such a film, a low budget diamond with a high carat profile" - Enrique Encinosa, Univision Radio Miami

"A tragic circumstance or deep emotional wound often propels us into the depths and heights of self-exploration. Asking “what's it all about?” often leads an individual to turn inward for solutions." - Kendall Klug, VISION Magazine

"Robert Easton is a gem" - Edward James Olmos

"Garcia and Easton ... portray their respective characters almost perfectly, delivering superb performances through both the film's serious and humorous moments" - Shaan Lodhie, Daily Trojan

"Like many seekers, Jsu found it in a spiritual path; the teacher who spoke to his heart was Dr. John-Roger." - Felicia Tomasko, LA Yoga Magazine

"This is a major hit" - Stephen Rubin, Director, Santa Fe Film Festival

"I recommend it with my eyes closed and my heart in my hand. 'SPIRITUAL WARRIORS' is without a doubt a spiritual journey with God in our hearts." - Gaby Grigorescu, 20th CENTURY FOX VENEZUELA

"SPIRITUAL WARRIORS takes you on the magnificent journey of one man's adventurous plight to find himself and awaken to the greater knowing of who he truly is as divine. It is a brilliant portrait of the conflicts we go through in this day and age and our struggle to find peace and greater loving within ourselves as we deal with the difficulties that life sometimes brings us that feel quite harrowing. Spiritual Warriors is exciting, uplifting and a inspiring film for all." - Jaime King-Newman

"I am very proud to be in this movie. Some films are "teaching movies" as well as entertainment, as something changes inside for the good when you see them. This is one that reminds us of who we truly are in the midst of the challenges of living. We are alive in the Spirit and we are Divine." - Leigh Taylor-Young

"If you've ever asked who am I, what am I doing here, is this all there is, SPIRITUAL WARRIORS has the answer. Jsu Garcia's riveting portrayal of Everyman Finn bares his soul, reveals his truth, you forget he's acting, journey with him to the unknown then discover that unknown is you. It changed my life." - Laura Mola

SPIRITUAL WARRIORS' Jsu Garcia's quest for answers to the big philosophical questions: 'Why are we here?', 'How do we evolve?', 'Is it our destiny to destroy?', passionately challenges us to contemplate our existence and the nature of our beingness. 'Are we the writers, producers and actors of our own scripts?. These questions that provoke the true meaning of life and are sorely needed in today's world. - Hector Elizondo

'SPIRITUAL WARRIORS is guaranteed a cult following' - Sherif Awad, Egypt Today

"If there's only one film you see this year, let it be this one." - Lori McPherson, PERSONAL SUCCESS Magazine


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