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Spiritual Healing MP3

Spiritual Healing

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Within this vital seminar, John-Roger asks this, "How do you possibly think that you can get through this life without a dis-ease in your levels of consciousness? To be that balanced, you would have to have 20/20 vision, a perfect head of hair, perfect teeth, absolutely perfect calcium consumption in your body, no wrinkles on your face, and no dirt to get on you."

Well, of course, J-R is talking about the dis-eases of the physical body because, as he says, the Soul never needs healing. But when it comes to the physical body, "Some people can receive what I call spiritual healing. This means, nothing tangible is touching them and yet this non-tangible thing is altering some level inside that they become aware of." How do we invite this spiritual healing?

Using examples, J-R proceeds with the discussion of healing on many levels. As always he gives us direction, "Do you know that if you turn a light on, the shadows run away? If you want spiritual healing on any level, keep yourself turned towards Light. And the other way is Soul travel: getting out of the body, seeing what we're doing

God Bless You!

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