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Surrendering to The Soul MP3

Surrendering to The Soul

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"Let's all come into attunement of Self, and that means just relax, clear your mind and your emotions. Let the things that have been pressuring you just disappear and for the next few moments, move yourself away from materiality and place your values more in the spiritual level: the unseen." John-Roger's gentle voice begins his seminar with these peaceful and healing words.

He continues in this way, "I'd like to look in a little more detail at this idea that communication between people is very, very important on whatever level we find them and on whatever level they find us. And part of the most difficult task that the Mystical Traveler Consciousness works with is that of getting information through the vocal cords out through that person’s ears into their consciousness where it can be received and worked. It's very important." Now doesn't that describe the difficulties each of us has sometimes in communicating with each other...and with ourselves?

J-R goes the next step in delineating this big human challenge. "Each person approaches the God in each other with a preconceived set of notions of what is valuable, and places great demand upon other people. This demand is the block that produces the disharmony or the dis-ease inside of the consciousness."

J-R never states the challenge and just leaves it at that. Always, conveyed in his practical way, he makes the next step clear so we can take it if we choose. In this seminar, he offers step-by-step the way to overcome the lifetime habits that bring us down and keep us in the material world. If you do those steps, he says, "There is nothing in this world that you can’t accomplish, because you’ve accomplished self-discipline."

God Bless You!

Length of CD: 23:57


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