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Are You Venturing into New Growth? MP4

Are You Venturing into New Growth?

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John-Roger begins this seminar by describing dialogues he has had with some of his students. He includes times we've told him what we have asked for in our lives, and what we have envisioned, sensed, seen, touched, had feelings about....all steps to getting what we want.

We don't necessarily want to hear this, but here's J-R's response, "Whatever it is that creates doesn't know you only wanted success. It might give you failure and tell itself, 'Aren't I a nice guy to give you what you put into motion!' "

What does that mean? J-R says, "The teachings I offer are all about asking for the Highest Good,", 'Please bring me a mate, for the Highest Good.' Ah, but that's only part of the story John-Roger is telling here. The rest of it is to ask for what you want, for the Highest Good, and then leave it alone. Get away from it. Give God a chance to respond....for the Highest Good.

This entire seminar is full of information about how to talk to God to get what you want, how to listen for God's response, and how to have success in this lifetime.

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God Bless You!
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