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Choosing Into the Divine Presence MP3/MP4

Choosing Into the Divine Presence

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Produced for the 2017 Conference of the Divine Presence, this bi-lingual packet contains one Video program with a Spanish Subtitle option and two Audios ( one English, one Spanish)

VIDEO MP4 - CHOOSING INTO THE DIVINE PRESENCE by John-Roger, DSS & John Morton, DSS  is an uplifting and beautiful program divided into 4 chapters:

Chapter 1 is brief look at the Mystery That Is You.
Chapter 2 encourages us to choose to live as the Inner master that we are.
Chapter 3 contains tips for accessing and using the inner guidance which is always available.
Chapter 4 points us forward through our earthly lives into the Divine.

This download also includes an audio companion to this video. 

AUDIO MP3 -  MOMENTS OF DIVINE PRESENCE is a beautiful compilation of 24 excerpts by John-Roger, DSS 

 "If we could shut the mind up long enough to listen to the heart, we could find ourself in the living love, the eternal presence. The living love, its presence is joy, laughter, humor. The reality as brought forward by the Traveler Consciousness is that everytyhing is perfectly present right now. The only reality present is here and now."  - John-Roger, DSS

The above quotes are from the englosed programs 

God Bless You!
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