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Stand Up In the Power of Your Ministry MP4

Stand Up In the Power of Your Ministry

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This is the downloadable version*SEE NOTES BELOW ON SUBTITLE OPTIONS*

Produced for the 2018 Conference of Heaven on Earth, this product contains an MP4 with English and Spanish subtitle options, as well as an MP3 english audio companion. 

John-Roger from the 1995 Conference Minister seminar: “Instead of just giving freedom to the joy and acknowledging the joy, we (sometimes) make it look like something else and apologize for it. No more. Now let’s acknowledge what they are, love what they are, be what they are, do what they are.”

God Bless You!
File Size: 469 MB
Length of MP4: 38:11

******NOTE: This MP4 included in this product is layered with two subtitle tracks (one in English and one in Spanish). Choosing a subtitle language from the layered version requires a media player with the capability to do so. If you're using a Mac, you should already have this option.  If you're using a PC and your default player does not give the option to display subtitles, we recommend using iTunes, or downloading either VLC Media Player or Quicktime, both of which have top menus where you can enable subtitle tracks. *


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