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Blessings This Day MP4

Blessings This Day

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This is the downloadable version*SEE NOTES BELOW ON SUBTITLE OPTIONS*

Celebrate John Morton's 30 years as the Mystical traveler with BLESSINGS THIS DAY!   This beautiful collection of 10 blessings is compiled into one MP4 with English and Spanish Subtitles options.

Blessings Included: 

A Blessing of Amazing Calm
We Are to Be Happy Forever After
We Are Home
A Blessing in the Way with the Lord
A Blessing of Increasing Light
A Blessing of Love and Light
A Flame Blessing of the Spiritual Heart
A Blessing of the Christ in Our Midst
Blessing of Soul Transcendence
A Blessing of the Divine Presence  

“Just consider right now that there is an energy of peace – something we all have in our hearts. See ourselves all around the world, and the power of this peace blessing only takes one. So wherever you are, you are all the power of peace that is needed.” –John Morton, from A Blessing of Amazing Calm

God Bless You!
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Length of MP4:45:35

******NOTE: This MP4 included in this product is layered with two subtitle tracks (one in English and one in Spanish). Choosing a subtitle language from the layered version requires a media player with the capability to do so. If you're using a Mac, you should already have this option.  If you're using a PC and your default player does not give the option to display subtitles, we recommend using iTunes, or downloading either VLC Media Player or Quicktime, both of which have top menus where you can enable subtitle tracks. *


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