John-Roger's Challenge of the Week

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The challenge for this week is to just get through the week.

That doesn't mean there won't be headaches and diarrhea -- the physical level maintenance things. We go through these situations to keep the body balanced and tuned up. We go through this level. We don't stay in this level, we go through it. We don't become a major catastrophe to ourselves when we have a fever of 101. We watch it to see what it's telling us. Sometimes it's burning out a disease in the body. Sometimes, the heat of the body is destroying an unwanted virus or something like this.

So don't be too anxious to change something. Watch it to see what is it telling you. This is the important thing to remember -- you don't have to push your panic button and man the lifeboats at the first little sign of something. You observe it. You will find that there is ample time.

What you do is observe and say, "We'd like the Light here for clarification for which way to move, and when." You may find out that you're just sitting, holding still and that's the thing for you, or you may find yourself going down the road thinking, "Well, that was a real fast decision, I'm out of that in a hurry.

-John-Roger, DSS